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Kioti Tractors UK CK10/20 Series

Kioti tractors UK Series CK10/20 will be an ideal partner for you. This compact tractor for sale is straightforward to use, but sturdy and has innovative features that will astonish you. You deserve to enjoy your ride with a Kioti compact tractor.

The CK10/20 Series includes:

  • Manual or HST ROPS or CAB

  • Premium Features

  • Eco-Friendly Diesel Engine Dual Rear Remote Valves

  • Single Lever Joystick.

Rear Wipers (Opt.) & Defrost (Std. only for 40hp Cab model)

Both front and back window wipers and defrost wire guarantee clear visibility by saving the window clean from rain, dirt or condensation. The wipers are located to minimize the impact on the driver's view.

Independent PTO Switch (20 series) and Auto PTO

The simple turn of a knob easily engages rear Independent PTO. A safety interlock stops the engine from starting if the PTO switch is left on. All compact tractors come fitted with a selectable manual or automatic PTO choice. When the Auto PTO is initiated, the PTO will automatically stop when the 3-point control is raised. This eliminates exposure to the running implements.

Single Lever Joystick (Std. 40hp)

The single lever joystick characteristic makes for more comfortable and more efficient tractor loader operation. The lever reverts to neutral when released. A float position enables the bucket free flotation above the ground surface.

Panoramic Cab View

The large unobstructed windows give a panoramic view for wider sightlines.

Dual Air Cleaner (Opt.)

Extending filter life, the dual air cleaner offers increased filtration when working in dry, dusty environments.

illuminated Dashboard

The illuminated Dashboard guarantees excellent visibility while working in bright daylight or at night.

Power Steering with Tilt

The standard power steering diminishes the effort required to make tight, repetitive turns. The tilt function serves to adjust the steering wheel according to operator needs.

Deluxe Suspension Seat with Armrest

An alterable suspension seat gives the driver a comfortable ride even after prolonged operation hours in any task. A retractable seatbelt is fitted as standard on all KIOTI tractors UK models for the driver's safety.

Manual and HST Models

The Kioti Tractors UK CK10/20 Series delivers horsepower and performance with all compact tractors featuring performance-proven transmissions. The manual transmission possesses 12 Forward and 12 Reverse speeds with a synchronized shuttle which provides heavy-duty performance. The superb HST transmission offers a powerful and dynamic drive with three range controls (Hi/Mid/Low) and easy operational twin pedals.

HST Linked Easy Speed

When the HST linked pedal is employed, the HST pedal and the engine rpm become synchronized. As the forward or reverse pedal is pressed, engine RPM increases to produce more torque for increased load. This decreases fuel consumption and simplifies compact tractor operation for a variety of utility and tractor loader applications (only available on HST models).

HST Cruise Control (Std. 40hp HST)

HST cruise mode enables these Kioti compact tractors to keep a steady speed and RPM as set by the driver.

Rear Remote Valves (4 ports)

All Cab and 40HP ROPS Kioti tractors UK models come fitted with dual remote hydraulic valves to provide for a wide variety of compact tractor attachments.

High Ground Clearance

The minimum ground clearance of 340mm gives a comfortable ride even on rocky or uneven terrain.

Tractor Loader

The Kioti KL4010 tractor end loader is specifically designed for the CK10/20 Series, providing effective performance with a single lever joystick controller plus a dual lever quick attach bucket. The tractor loader is intended to be instantly and easily attached and detached with the support of a built-in parking stand. KL tractor loader series utilizes the compact tractor's hydraulic system, single-lever control with float and it comes with a bucket level indicator.

For more information about Kioti tractors UK models please call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965 today.

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