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Korea's largest agricultural machinery exhibition are attended by tym tractors

A new line of TYM tractors and eco-friendly technology will be unveiled in Korea for the first time.

Manufacturer of compact tractors for sale TYM announced on November 2nd that it would participate in KIEMSTA 2022 and Net-Zero Expo 2022.

A new generation of tractors for sale from TYM will be introduced at these exhibitions with state-of-the-art autonomous driving systems and technology designed to help agricultural machinery achieve carbon neutrality. TYM Tractors are determined to demonstrate its more comprehensive and diversified product offerings at its first KIEMSTA since integrating Kukje Machinery, Branson Tractors into its brand.

Through data collection and utilization, the T130 2023 model will expand the potential of ICT-based agriculture by incorporating autonomous driving functions. With its sophisticated design, solid performance, and premium convenience features, the T130 is a popular TYM tractor. The T130 is equipped with an autonomous driving system that enhances stability, efficiency, and convenience. Furthermore, it performs autonomously straight-line driving and positioning more accurately and efficiently than any domestic agricultural machinery.

The Korea Industry Intelligentization Association's chairman, Kim Do-hoon, will also represent TYM at the Net Zero EXPO. TYM is committed to eco-friendly technology projects, which he will discuss at the expo. We are working on these projects in collaboration with strategic partners who have the technical knowledge to help lead the agricultural machinery industry to carbon neutrality. These technologies will be developed by TYM in order to achieve its ESG management goals and promote joint growth.

In addition to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, KIEMSTA is co-hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City, the Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative, and The Farmers' Newspaper. From November 2nd to 5th, KIEMSTA will be held at EXCO in Daegu to exhibit the latest trends in smart agriculture. The Net-Zero EXPO will take place at KINTEX in Ilsan for three days from November 2nd to November 4th. Co-organized by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Korea Industrial Intelligentization Association, the expo is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Visitors will be able to see TYM's rice transplanters, combine harvesters, tractors, as well as events and merchandise promoting the brand.

According to a TYM official, "We will strengthen our position as the No. 1 brand in Korea by exhibiting our more sophisticated and diverse lineup and TYM's new technologies at this event, as this is the first domestic exhibition we will be attending under one unified TYM brand. To achieve carbon neutrality, we must develop advanced technologies and products consistently."

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