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Updated: Feb 17

Kubota is most known for their high-quality tractors and compact tractors for sale. They tend to be efficient and reliable. Prior to buying a Kubota tractor, you need to have a think about what you want to use it for. Perhaps you need it to be used for excavation, or you need it fitted with a loader to transport material across your premises without damaging the ground? Whatever you need it for, there’s good news as Kubota make tractors for sale to suit both your requirements and pocket.

Finding your Kubota Tractor

You should aim for a Kubota tractor that suits your current requirements and also those of your future goals. A heavy-duty Kubota means that you will able to do more work within a shorter time frame, so it may work out more cost efficient in the long run. In this case, a more powerful Kubota tractor may be what you need. If in doubt, speak to someone with knowledge about tractors who can best advise you on what’s best for your needs.

Is Kubota the best make of tractor?

Kubota is certainly the most well known. However, in recent years they have stiff competition from the likes of Branson Tractors and the excellent Kioti Tractor, and we will be running a series of blog posts comparing various models of tractor based upon specification and price in the near future. Until then, here’s an overview of the Kubota range:

Overview of Kubota Models

Below is an overview of the different Kubota tractors, their horsepower and what they are best used for:


Kubota’s BX tractors for sale are built to need on your toughest gardening, landscaping, snow removal, and property maintenance jobs. More compact than a full-size tractor, and quite a bit easier to work , the BX80 Tractor Series has many power to haul, mow, blow and tackle your most challenging tasks from Spring to Winter months.


Looking for the foremost popular sub-compact tractor? As soon as you bring this tractor home, the Kubota Tractor BX23S is ready to visit figure loading, mowing, digging and more. It's fitted with a fully integrated tractor backhoe and tractor front loader that are performance-matched as standard. Kubota's new Swift-Connect and Swift-Tach systems allow you to quickly and easily attach the backhoe (Swift-Connect) and front loader (Swift-Tach). a crucial duty reinforced frame provides the durability , stability and strength to end any tough job.


Including a selection of performance-matched tractor attachments, for use with multiple jobs is what the B01 Series does best. The 20.9 - 24.3 HP Kubota Tractor can do any task through with the power of diesel, an upgraded category I 3-point hitch, hydraulic independent PTO and telescoping stabilizers for efficient implement attachment.


From construction to landscaping, experience maximum versatility in Kubota's B26TLB utility tractor. The Kubota diesel engine is 24.3 HP, it includes a standard 4-Wheel Drive and sloped loader arms and hood designed for improved visibility on the work site, the B26 takes productivity to subsequent level.


This machine is a compact crossover tractor that has quality, comfort, and adaptability in mind the NEW Kubota Tractor LX Series delivers. It's equipped with a robust fuel-efficient Kubota diesel and deluxe seats to remain you comfortable.


Amazingly powerful yet simple to figure, the L01 Series tractors for sale are perfect for everything from estate maintenance chores to commercial landscaping and tiny farming.


With power beyond expectation and spacious, that's what you get with the Kubota Tractor Grand L60 series. Highighting a new ergonomic design, available Grand Cab and powerful Kubota diesel engines. Plus, with a replacement ergonomic design, including a deluxe suspension seat, you'll not got to sacrifice productivity for comfort ever again.


Kubota's L47TLB is one workhorse built to undertake to to the work of three. Including 2,848 lbs., a Tier 4 Final 47.1 gross HP, of lift capacity and 121 in. This is a high-performance tractor, which includes a tractor backhoe loader, i