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KUBOTA tractors revealS THE “x TRACTOR”

Kubota Tractors displayed a concept tractor “X tractor – cross tractor – ” at a new exhibition held in Kyoto City on January 15-16, 2020.

Half-century after presenting its first-ever concept tractor during the Japan World Exposition held in Osaka in 1970 (Expo ’70), Kubota revealed “X tractor – cross tractor -”, no small tractors by any means, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of its founding. Outfitted with artificial intelligence (AI) plus electrification technology, this “dream tractor” is an entirely autonomous tractor that serves the future of farming represented by Kubota Tractors. Kubota will proceed with developing products to achieve smart agriculture with cutting-edge technology to approach the challenges facing Japanese producers.

In Japan, while a growing number of farmers retire because of their age, the average scale of farming continues to grow as a result of the contracting out of farm operations and the growth of farmland for efficient supervision. In order to approach the challenges which farmers are suffering such as labor shortage and low running efficiency, it is urgently needed to introduce smart farming.

Since the launch of AGRIROBO tractors for sale in 2017, Kubota has developed autonomous agricultural machinery the AGRIROBO Models. Now Kubota reveals this concept Kubota tractor with various advanced technologies, such as AI and electrification technology, in hope of the full-scale debut of smart farming which is continuously demanded by farmers.

Kubota will continue improving technologies for labor-saving and accuracy farming in order to address the difficulties for Japanese agriculture, which involve the aging of farmers and labor deficit. Kubota aims to recognize the affluent society by the production of foods by providing high-value-added agricultural produce required by markets efficiently, improving profitability and reducing environmental loads.

Key characteristics of the concept tractor “X tractor – cross tractor – “ include:

(1) Futuristic design

• The independent and electrification technology realized advanced form by new construction designing concept.

• Following and developing of the identity of Kubota tractors, created sleek shape through awareness of environmental safeguard and harmony with landscapes.

(2) Completely crewless operation by AI

• Based on numerous data such as weather data and growth measures, AI chooses the proper operation and makes actions favourable. Our goal is to achieve a completely autonomous action.

• The environmental data collected by tractors in operation can be automatically assigned with other machines, such as small tractors with compact tractor attachments, at site to receive centrally-managed efficient operation.

(3) Full electrification delivers environmentally friendly farm work

• Based 100% electric power by a combination of lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries.

• Complete electrification contributes for zero emissions and decreasing environmental loads.

(4) One machine for different processes

• The four-wheeled crawler delivers stable autonomous driving also on wet paddies and uneven terrains.

• The four-wheeled crawler adapts its shape to maintain the tractor height at the ideal level, thus performing in various methods. For the methods which need high traction, the contact area with the ground to be improved by lowering the tractor height in order to reduce its center of gravity. On the other hand, when working above crops for their management, room from the ground to be improved by increasing the tractor height.

• The in-wheel motor means it is possible to arbitrarily modify the rotation speed of the four crawlers (front, rear, right, and left) to produce a small turning space for autonomous operation on various sorts of land.

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