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  • In September, Polaris will head to Iceland for the Polaris Outlanding Project 2022

  • There are three Polaris side-by-side vehicles

  • Across the Icelandic landscape for seven days

  • Experience the outdoors 100%

Through the Polaris Outlanding Project, six women will travel across the volcanic landscape of Iceland, showcasing the versatility and adventure-ready nature of Polaris Off-Road side-by-sides.

Specially-equipped Polaris vehicles will travel thousands of kilometres across the 'Land of Fire and Ice' this September as part of a week-long journey.

The vehicles will be driven across Europe, featuring six female Polaris team members from France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scandinavia. There is a shared urge to break out of the 'norm' of everyday life, to experience something new and unknown, and to engage other women riders in the same experience. With just three Polaris side-by-sides and their camping equipment, the team will be able to survive over seven adventure-filled days without aids or support vehicles.

This expedition will be spearheaded by the most versatile adventure side-by-side in the industry: The Polaris GENERAL 1000 Deluxe ABS. Equipped with a CAMPWERK iKamper top tent, Taubenreuther Multi-Rack storage solution, XOBI outdoor kitchen, Pro Armor® light bar and beadlock wheels, as well as Polaris Engineered rock sliders and front hood storage, the team will make the most of every moment, day and night.

To collect their Polaris vehicles, the journey starts with a visit to STORMUR EHF, the official Polaris distributor in Iceland. The team's Icelandic adventure begins there. A trip through smooth tarmac roads to less-travelled gravel roads will take the team across ford crossings, steep, slippery inclines, and the famed black sands, leading them to some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural wonders in the northern hemisphere, including the erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano. Imagine lava fields and magnificent mountains, geothermal hot springs overlooked by looming glaciers, and breathtaking waterfalls unlike any on earth; Polaris riders will be able to experience them all.

Polaris Ranger and Polaris Sportsman quad bikes for sale are available at Beckside Machinery, an official Polaris UK dealer.

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