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This is Polaris' second year supporting Future Terrain's latest initiative, this time across UK green lanes.

For Future Terrain's latest initiative across the UK - the Osprey Endeavour - which took place successfully from 7-12 August - Polaris quadbikes for sale have been used to provide driving-related engineering training, qualification enhancement and pre-event terrain testing.

After successfully completing daily checks, riding over a variety of terrain and ground conditions as well as successfully completing a failed hill climb, the beneficiaries earned the certified LANTRA operator qualification at ZipWorld's Penrhyn Slate Quarry in Wales on Monday 8th August. With these new skills and qualifications, participants were not only fully equipped to fly the Osprey Endeavour safely, but also opened the door to future opportunities.

Future Terrain's Osprey Endeavour, named after the tough and robust Osprey bird, officially began Tuesday morning. Through the help of the Green Lane Association (GLASS) and a few days exploring the UK's Green Lanes, the team made it to the highest peak in the Penrhyn area – a place they would never have reached if they had not been properly trained in Polaris vehicle operation and capabilities.

"These off-road vehicles can travel over uneven terrain without the beneficiaries getting out, enabling us to maximize physical inclusion for our disabled veterans. Because CVT automatic gearboxes can be easily fitted with modified hand controls, we can help as many veterans as possible, which is our goal."

Founder and Trustee, Charles Sincock

Future Terrain has developed bespoke hand controls that are optimized for Polaris side-by-sides and service personnel injuries. Grant and Charles, the founders, always find a way to customize the vehicles to the beneficiaries. A vehicle with a longer footwell is provided for beneficiaries who have difficulty bending their knees due to their amputee status, in this case, the RZR Pro XP.

Future Terrain even provided a selection of service personnel with sit-on quadbike LANTRA training due to the great progress they were making. Towards the end of the endeavor, the team used the Scrambler XP 1000 S to introduce quad riding.

The Future Terrain beneficiaries completed a week of challenging activities, which were capped off with a flight on Velocity 2, one of the world's fastest ziplines.

The Future Terrain Charity assists those who have served their country in moving on to the next stage of their lives and provides the tools needed for new opportunities. As one of the world's first motorsport adventure and expedition companies, Future Terrain was established in 2016 by Grant White, a 25-year Royal Marine and lower leg amputee.

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