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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

#Farm24 is an ambition launched by Farmers Guardian to rejoice all things British Farming across the next 24 hours. Beginning at 5am this morning, this is a nationwide opportunity for the farming business to show why British food and farming topics. Polaris have taken the pledge to get connected and showcase farming success stories alongside Polaris dealers UK.

Making a key part of the Polaris UK dealers product line, the Polaris Ranger has operated side-by-side with British farmers for over twenty years and is employed nationwide for a variety of utility-based tasks recognition to its class-leading abilities that make it the ultimate utility workhorse. Joining to the Polaris utility lineup is Polaris’ bestselling Polaris ATV – the Polaris Sportsman – presenting advanced off-road performance, fabulous handling and unbeatable hauling and towing capacities.

To showcase Polaris’ engagement in British Farming, we’re celebrating Polaris’ bestselling service lineup for agricultural use, produced by farmers, for farmers.

Polaris Ranger Diesel

One year gone in April 2019, Polaris launched its newest addition to the Polari Ranger for sale with the brand-new Polaris Ranger Diesel, embodying years of research and development to build the ultimate agricultural vehicle, invigorated by its users. The Polaris Ranger Diesel highlights a new diesel engine to deliver extreme endurance and enhanced power, plus an improved engine service internal to over 200 hours; achieving a lower cost of ownership – just one of the numerous upgrades to the diesel UTV for sale that let it more suited for international demands. The idea of the Polaris Ranger Diesel was built by giving a lot of time in the field with farmers and small-holding buyers, with objectives driven from the view of the customer; improved reliability and sturdiness, performance and refinement.

Starting from £15,112.80 inc VAT.

Polaris Ranger 570

Polaris’ most handy UTV for sale – the Polaris Ranger 570 – has been offering unbeatable advantage with an uncompromised performance for the past 22 years. Providing power and performance for every situation around, from pulling heavy animal feed to towing trailers, the Polaris Ranger 570 highlights the reliable, purpose-built ProStar 570 engine with with a 500lb box capacity and 1,500lb towing capability for that extra helping hand with any situation. With hundreds of accessory choices to make the Polaris Ranger suitable in any context – from weather protection with a fully-enclosed cab, additional storage options to maximise space, to high-performance lights for dusk-to-dawn operation, there’s a Ranger combination to suit every active worker.

Starting from £9,790 inc VAT.

Polaris Sportsman 570

Dependable and tough, the Polaris Sportsman 570 is Polaris’ bestselling ATV for a purpose. Farmers and small-holding owners alike utilise the Polaris Sportsman across the country to help them achieve more. The legendary handling of the Polaris Sportsman 570 enables riders to navigate the tightest corners, like into small gates or in densely-populated forest regions, whilst the rider-centric composition keeps them comfortable all day long. Thanks to being more petite in size than a typical UTV, the Polaris Sportsman doesn’t use up much space when being stored in a garage or shed, and is very fuel-efficient in any circumstance – from farming to estate supervision, contracting work and forestry.

Starting from £7,194 inc VAT.

ATV attachments

Quad accessories; quad attachments such as an ATV flail mower if you are interested in a good ATV mower can be fitted easily to any Polaris ATV quad bike.

For the full Polaris agriculture lineup, and compatible ATV accessories, such as ATV quad attachments, please go to

Starting from £9,790 inc VAT.

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