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Power Harrow For Tractor

Update: If you are looking for power harrows for tractors, we have in stock our new FARMMASTER Power Harrows For Sale. With 3 working widths, from 0.9 to 1.3 metres, the FARMASTER PH power harrow range are heavy duty and ideal for preparing seed beds, excellent for soil aeration and perfect for smallholdings and small farms.


Development of a vibrating harrow designed as a compact tractor attachment, which has a majority of bars, each driven back and forth in opposing directions by a crank drive and each holding at least one row of tines. In the previously known forms of this type of harrow, there is the difficulty that the moving parts are subject to very heavy wear and, in particular, the bearing points upon the effects of dirt are not in a relevant manner. Mass is preserved. Due to the fact that the interval between the tine bars driven back and forth in opposing directions is quite large, the soil can only be achieved roughly.

The object of the present invention is to produce a vibrating harrow in which the impulse of the tine bars is guarded against dirt and takes place evenly and furthermore a fine-grained performance through of the soil is guaranteed due to the small distance obtained between the two tine bars. According to the tractor implement, this goal is accomplished in that the tine bars are spaced from one another and controlled by freely rotatable rollers. The tine bars expediently carry flat rails or sections which are connected on edge and which run between vertically attached cylindrical rollers.

The flat rails alongside carrying horizontal flanges, preferably U-profile rails, which serve as patterns for horizontally positioned cylindrical rollers. Both the vertical and the horizontal rollers are easily rotatable, preferably mounted on balls, in a second housing that simultaneously accommodates the crank drive obtained from the tractor PTO shaft. In order to counter that when the proposed power harrow is used in the field, a row of earth heaps is formed along the harrow ends on both sides, according to the tractor attachment, the end pieces on both sides of the tine bar allowing the tractor are angled obliquely forwards and outwards when viewed in the course of travel. The tines are condensed in the area of ​​the beam ends. In the diagonally angled ends of the beam, the tines are more shortened. The peripheral prong is half the length of the middle prong.

The fact that the harrow tines slip closely past one another according to the invention proceeds in a fine-grain working through of the soil.

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