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PTO Wood Chippers: Benefits and How they are Used as Compact Tractor Attachments

PTO Wood Chipper

Tree removal is a tough job that requires heavy-duty equipment that can handle the task with ease. Specifically, you need something that can reduce trees or tree limbs into smaller chips. Enter the PTO wood chipper: a compact tractor attachment that is ideal for tree removal jobs.

A PTO wood chipper is a type of tree chipper or woodchipper that is typically mounted on a compact tractor. It works by accepting entire trees, branches or trunks in pieces up to 5 inches in diameter, shredding, and discharging them through a chute. This results in smaller wood chips that can be used for various purposes. With a PTO wood chipper, the task of reducing trees or branches can be handled quickly, easily, and efficiently.

One of the best PTO wood chippers on the market is the FARMASTER WCP100, available from Beckside Machinery. With its heavy-duty design, this chipper can take on the toughest job with ease. It integrates seamlessly with the 3-point hitch system and PTO on your compact tractor, making it easy to transport, operate, and store.

One of the unique features of the WCP100 is its fully movable exit chute. This allows you to direct the path of the chips as they exit the machine, making the operation safer, easier, and cleaner. You'll find yourself with less of a mess at the clean-up stage.

The WCP100 also boasts an oversized rotor, reversible blades, and integrated air vents, which ensure efficient wood processing at an operational RPM rate of 540–1000. The rotor has a diameter of 25” and is ½” thick. The blades eliminate wood that can block or clog the tree branch chipper, making the removal process smooth and easy.

Running on 40HP or lower compact tractors, the WCP100 works with most models from major brands like Kubota Tractor, Kioti Tractor, and Branson Tractors. It can be used to process trees, brush, or foliage for disposal, break them down for fire kindling, or produce wood chips for landscape and gardening filler.

The hinged feed chute on the WCP100 can also be removed, making it more compact when not in use. This feature makes it easy to store and saves space, which is ideal for those with limited storage space.

Overall, if you're searching for a heavy-duty wood chipper for your tree removal needs, the FARMASTER WCP100 PTO Wood Chipper from Beckside Machinery is an excellent choice. With its unique features, durability, and ease-of-use, it's the perfect addition to any compact tractor.

Get in touch with Beckside Machinery now on 01673 828 965 if you want more information before purchasing.

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