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Revolutionizing Safe Drinking Water with the Polaris Ranger: The Galmobile™ Solution

In the latest episode of Ranger Stories: Driving Change, we introduce you to GALMOBILE™, a groundbreaking solution to one of humanity's most crucial needs: clean drinking water. The GALMOBILE™ is a highly capable and mobile water purification and desalination vehicle that can convert any source of water into high-quality drinking water.

As the first of its kind in the world, the GALMOBILE™ vehicle is designed to provide safe drinking water to remote islands, disaster-stricken areas, villages, towns affected by drought, and even military operations. Besides improving people’s lives, it saves lives too, making drinking water accessible to everyone worldwide.

According to Rami Aflalo, GALMOBILE™ CEO and Founder, “Drinking water is a basic human need, and we’re passionate about making it accessible for everyone, worldwide. We saw an opportunity to innovate with the Polaris Ranger as it’s so versatile and capable off-road; it is the ideal base for our technology, enabling us to go beyond what we thought was possible. We’re incredibly proud of what the Galmobile unit is capable of, and the positive impact it’s already had on a number of communities. We will continue to innovate and grow the possibilities of this solution to help as many people as we can with efficiency and ease.”

One of the reasons GALMOBILE™ chose the Ranger Diesel as its base is due to its reliability, durability, large payload capacity, and powerful diesel engine, keeping it running all day long. The Ranger is entirely lightweight, with small dimensions, making it easy to transport on land, air, and sea, and no territories are unreachable.

The Ranger Diesel's advanced off-road capabilities also mean that the team can reach difficult areas where water sources may be found. The on-demand all-wheel drive paired with 33cm ground clearance enables the team to access inaccessible areas. Additionally, the electric power steering allows for all-day riding without fatigue, and it features Polaris-installed technology like the Engine Braking System (EBS) with Active Descent Control (ADC) that controls downhill braking for smooth, controlled descents on steep declines, even when loaded with heavy equipment.

The equipment fitted to the Polaris Ranger features all the elements needed to provide safe drinking water, such as input tubes for the water source, treatment technology, storage facilities, and distribution taps. It takes just 30 minutes to complete the water purification process, and one unit can purify up to 140,000 litres a day.

GALMOBILE™, backed by 27 years of experience in supplying water treatment and wastewater solutions, currently operates in Israel and India but has worldwide applications. The GALMOBILE™ solution offers a revolutionary solution to the global water crisis, and as the team continues to innovate, they are poised to make a significant difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

In conclusion, GALMOBILE™ is an incredible example of how innovation and technology can solve some of humanity's most significant challenges. The Ranger Diesel's capabilities, coupled with GALMOBILE™'s water purification and desalination equipment, create a highly effective solution for providing clean drinking water to remote and inaccessible areas worldwide. If you're in the market for a Polaris Ranger for sale UK, Beckside Machinery is the official Polaris UK dealer, providing a range of Polaris quad bikes and UTV's for sale to meet all your off-road vehicle needs. Contact them today to learn more about their products and services.

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