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rotary Power harrow and seed drill

Seed drills are row seeders that sow the seeds in rows where get good growing conditions from the plants. The seed is over conveyors from the seed hopper, funnels and seed line tubes fed through which it then to the coulter, especially to the double disc sowing compact tractor attachments arrived sharply. These coulters create furrows during which the seeds are deposited. The furrow is fed over the trailing pressure rollers, and if necessary, before the gripper has been covered up. Such pressure rollers are after the coulters orderly. it is also known to drill such seed drills with power harrows for sale combine, and arrange them on the power harrows. they're used as order com called combinations. These combinations of orders can only be used to a limited extent as they're going to only be transported on public roads up to a working width of three metres might and in larger working widths load onto long-distance vehicles or has to be transported with a cross-over device. Order combination those with small working widths, i.e. up to max. 3 m have the disadvantage that they are because of their low output, they're only used economically on smaller companies are often the broader machines, i.e. those over 3 m wide, with a separate long-distance vehicles or transport vehicles or with a transverse drive got to be transported have the disadvantage that when changing the world and for transport journeys but also for narrow gate entrances and passageways got to be loaded or converted. This reduces those with such an order performance and thus the world of application considerably.

This an order combination with a wider one Rotary harrow known, which successively is foldable, are the rotary power harrow for sale. Distribution elements and seed rails assigned. The seed hopper itself is on the front mounted the tractor, while the sowing rail and distribution elements are assigned to the power harrow net and attached to the rear of the Kioti tractor or Branson Tractors. With such an order combination but the handling and maneuvering comfort is considerably limited, which is why is that the view to the front through the seed hopper attached at the front is impaired. additionally , this order combination has the disadvantage that a another lead device, e.g. a front packer or pre-cultivator cannot be used can, because the front attachment area of the tractor is occupied by the seed hopper.

These compact tractor attachments for sale are therefore supported the thing of an order combination create which can be easily attached to the compact tractor, which also has working widths of over 3 m, but still on public paths and within the world of the gate driveways and is to be used without conversion or dismantling and not the front attachment occupy space of the compact tractor and thus also along side forwarding devices like Packers, pre-cultivators or similar.

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