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Rotary Power harrow with improved rotor driving

The compact tractor attachment relates to a rotary power harrow for sale with gearbox with a minimum of three spur gears, which are non-rotatably connected to rotor shafts, which successively are within the gearbox are mounted on bearings, each of the spur gears are arranged next to each other and are in engagement with each other, with a Transmission, which is arranged above the transmission pan, the transmission features a vertically arranged drive shaft working on the spur gears.

Such rotary harrows have gears with a vertically arranged Drive shaft on which carries a spur wheel in its central area, which the drives adjacent spur gears. At the top , the vertically arranged Drive shaft just like the other rotor shafts a tine carrier with tines, which is typically designed differently from the remainder of the tine carriers.

The European application EP 713 635 may be a rotary power harrow during which the vertically arranged drive shaft has lugs, which engage in corresponding holes during a spur wheel and thus for a provide positive drive connection. This arrangement is extremely complex and not protected by drive technology.

The object of the compact tractor attachment is to create an easy rotary power harrow create, which is additionally cheaper in terms of producing costs without to possess to try to to without important functions.

The object is achieved by the vertically arranged Drive shaft offset from the rotor head s arranged within the gear box protrudes and features a pinion at the top that's smaller in diameter is meant because the spur gears that the pinion meshes with one among the stands adjacent spur gears which the vertically arranged drive shaft in Working direction of the rotary power harrow ahead of or behind the rotor shaft of the neighboring one Spur gears is arranged.

Due to the arrangement of the Drive shaft with pinion can all spur gears within the gearbox same be formed. Special solutions for the primary spur wheel or the rotor shafts aren't required. The rotary power harrow fulfills all important functions with none additives or similar are needed.

The compact tractor attachment further provides that the vertically arranged drive shaft within the working direction ahead of or behind the primary rotor head of the primary spur wheel is arranged, namely by 5 cm to 12 cm laterally offset. Through this Measure will make sure that the size of the transmission pan aren't changed, especially not need to be enlarged to the side of the To be ready to accommodate spur wheel adjacent pinions.

It is further provided consistent with the compact tractor attachment that the vertically arranged Drive shaft mounted directly above the pinion and therefore the bearing is a component of the transmission or directly connected to the transmission. This Embodiment ensures a stable arrangement of the drive shaft and therefore the Pinion. this will be done during assembly without special measures and skill Gearbox with drive shaft and pinion on a gearbox with spur gears being constructed. This reduces work and assembly costs and thus also at an equivalent time the manufacturing costs.

The compact tractor attachment further provides that the rotor head at its lower end features a tine carrier for receiving tines which the rotor head and therefore the tine carrier are formed together part, preferably as forged part.

To achieve a reversal of the direction of rotation in DE-OS 36 29 774 Reverse gear set used, which consists of two main gears and one Reverse wheel exists. consistent with DE-OS 28 47 785 a reversal of the direction of rotation is just too cause within the transmission two side-by-side input shafts has the other direction of rotation within the gearbox arranged gears are interconnected. Such Embodiment of reversing the direction of rotation is straightforward , but the high one construction effort of the extra gear parts not in a cheap Relationship with the benefit. With the assistance of the compact tractor attachment Reversing the direction of rotation is far easier and more expedient, since that Gear is arranged displaceable on the gear pan and in such how that the Pinion alternately with one spur wheel or the opposite neighboring one spur wheel in engagement is meant to reverse the direction of rotation.

With this solution consistent with the compact tractor attachment, by simply moving the Gearbox in reference to the spur gears a reversal of the direction of rotation Tool gyroscope causes. this is often particularly advantageous if e.g. prong are utilized in the direction of rotation with their leading edge to the bottom surface include an obtuse or oblique angle . By the alternate engagement of the pinion with one among the previously described to every other neighboring spur gears are often reversed within the easiest method respectively.

The compact tractor attachment further provides that the transmission during a link guide guided and designed to be displaceable within the respective engagement position. The The backdrop guide is an easy-to-create structural connection that e.g. also can contains simple elongated holes within the gearbox flange are accommodated.

According to the compact tractor attachment it's further as long as parallel guidance is provided, via which the gear are often moved in parallel on the wheel housing is arranged. Through this parallel guidance of the gearbox at a Reversing the direction of rotation doesn't change the lateral position of the input shaft but their position in reference to the tractor PTO. The one for the vibration-free and low-wear operation of a cardan shaft important parallel position of the The input shaft to the tractor's PTO shaft isn't changed during this way.

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