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Tackling a 'high hedge' with a compact tractor hedge cutter

If there is a hedge on your property, the law around high hedges and hedge trimming provides you with a degree of responsibility to guarantee that it is properly maintained. This includes making sure that the hedge is kept tidy and at a suitable height, that the appropriate person maintains it, and that any trimming is done at the proper time of year so that it will not affect local wildlife.

What is a 'high hedge'?

Overly tall hedges have been the basis of so many neighbourly disputes that high hedge legislation was added to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003: Part 8 in 2005. The legislation is very precise, but speaking generally it defines a ‘high hedge’ as any hedge over 2m (approximately 6¾ft) high; a group of two or more trees or shrubs; and formed wholly or mostly from evergreens or semi-evergreens. A decent compact tractor hedge trimmer can help you to keep your hedge at a satisfactory height.

Compact tractor hedge cutter

The FarmMaster HFSC1600 Fingerbar compact tractor hedge cutter has been purpose-built for contractors and local council organisations operating in the landscape, ground-care sectors and amenities sectors. Its quality build means that it is widely used by many smallholders too.


• Using a compact tractor hedge cutter is up to 10 times faster than trimming hedges by hand

• There is no risk of white-finger vibration injuries

• It is ideal for working where space is tight.

• Extremely versatile with dual cutting and front and rear mounting option

• Enables over-fence hedge-cutting

• Fuel efficient

• Low compact tractor horsepower requirement

The HFSC1600 supports a sturdy power arm which has a moveable swing-over action and comes fitted with a high-performance cutter bar. The reach of this compact tractor hedge cutter is upto 4.9m in height and has the versatility to trim hedges on either side of the compact tractor.


Speed and convinience is improved as the moveable swing-over arm enables the driver to work on either side of the compact tractor. The arm rotates through 270-degrees and can be positioner on eithe the left or right hand side in a matter of seconds.


The HFSC1600 Fingerbar compact tractor hedge cutter are compact tractor attachments which can be fitted to either the front or back of the compact tractor. Again, this gives the driver greater versitility. Front mounting is idea for those who want to keep their eyes fixed upon the road ahead while maintinging visiblility, comforat and safety.

When a 'high hedge' is so tall that it affects the enjoyment of a home or garden - whether because it obstructs light, obscures a view, or is overbearing. The HFSC1600 is an ideal compact tractor hedge cutter for keeping hedges enjoyable all year long.

Click for more information about the FarmMaster HFSC1600 Fingerbar tractor hedge cutter for sale or phone Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965.

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