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The full lineup of TYM tractors at a glance

In January 2023, TYM and Branson tractors fully integrated their products under one TYM brand. As the two tractor brands have now merged, you now have your first chance to see the full lineup of TYM tractors. The first part of our ongoing series on TYM's tractor lineup will focus on our entire product range while providing a summary of each model in the lineup.

Learn more about TYM's tractor lineup

There is a TYM tractor for every need and every occasion, from lightweight, versatile sub-compact tractors to heavy-duty utility tractors. There is no doubt that one of the easiest ways to get to know our tractors is by checking out their series category, in which we categorize the tractors based on their type and horsepower.

Series 1 Sub-compact TRACTORS

A TYM Series 1 tractor is the ideal choice for routine tasks and small jobs. Ideal for lawn work and small jobs, these sub-compact tractors have the power you need with the standard features you need. These tractors are perfect for homesteaders, landscapers, and serious gardeners alike.

Series 2 Compact tRACTORS

A summary of the Series 2 compact tractors is that they are compact, but they have a lot more horsepower and lifting capacity than sub-compact tractors, which means you can take on more demanding tasks while maintaining the smallest frame possible while maintaining the highest horsepower and lifting capacity. With the use of a range of attachments, these TYM tractors can handle both routine and tough tasks. They are ideal for greenhouses and warehouses where manoeuvrability is important.

Series 3 Compact tRACTORS FOR SALE

There is no doubt that the Series 3 tractor is powerful yet economical. These high-efficiency compact tractors are ideal for demanding tasks in small spaces as well as on the farm. As a result of their increased power, lift, and manoeuvrability, the TYM Series 3 tractors are the perfect tractor for barns and wooded areas that require a lot of work.

Series 4 Compact Utility tRCTORS

If you are looking for manoeuvrability and power in your compact utility tractor, look no further than the Series 4 compact utility tractor. Enjoy the efficient engines, enhanced lift capacity, and larger fuel tanks that make these tractors ideal for commercial-scale challenges. As of today, the TYM Series 4 tractors are available through TYM dealers in South Korea and North America.

Series 5 Utility tRACTORS

A number of intensive applications can be carried out with the Series 5 utility tractors, which boast impressive power outputs and high hitch-lifting capacities. It is also possible for these tractors to reach higher speeds, covering more ground for jobs that require higher productivity. The TYM Series 5 tractors can be purchased in North America and South Korea at the moment.

Series 6 Utility

The TYM T130, the flagship Series 6 tractor, is our most powerful and advanced tractor yet. The telematics-equipped utility tractor has the highest horsepower and has a number of top-notch features for operators that are looking for the ultimate in performance and comfort. There is currently a Series 6 TYM T130 tractor available in South Korea, a tractor that has been designed for larger-scale operations, and we are working on bringing that model to other parts of the world as well.

Now that you've got a basic understanding of TYM's tractor lineup, check out the TYM Website to see what models are available in your area. If you're interested in learning more about each tractor model, please visit the TYM World Online website where you can browse our tractors by application.

Compact Tractors For Sale UK

If you're looking for compact tractors for sale in the UK, Beckside Machinery is the place to go. They offer a wide range of reputable brands including Branson and TYM Tractors, tractor packages, and compact tractor attachments. With their extensive selection and knowledgeable staff, Beckside Machinery is your one-stop shop for all your compact tractor needs. Visit them online at to find out more about their products and services.

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