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Things you can achieve with the right compact tractor attachment

It’s a known fact that for agricultural work, forestry, those with acres of land to maintain and more compact tractors will increase productivity, ultimately helping you get the job done faster.

Suitable for various projects, compact tractors with the right tractor attachment can be a versatile piece of equipment.

Things you can achieve with the right compact tractor attachment

Whether you’re looking to maintain your property, complete major renovation projects, carry out some small improvements, look after your acreage, and more – the right attachment can save you a lot of time and money.

However, with so many different sizes, types, and brands of tractor equipment available, choosing the right one for you can be a minefield.

In this post, we explore some of the most popular attachments and just what can be achieved with a compact tractor.

Types of tractor attachment

Front Loaders

Loaders are the most popular attachments, helping you move things such as dirt and rubble, snow, firewood, etc.

These versatile pieces of equipment allow you to remove the bucket with ease and replace this with forks for pallet lifting or snow ploughs in bad weather.

Loader attachments are a great investment, and there are various loaders to choose from, such as buckets, forks, bale spears, blades, and even towing hitches.

Ultimately, front loaders are ideal for lifting and moving, but they can also offer you so much more!

Mowers and cutters

Mowers are the second most popular tractor attachment, as mowing is made so much easier with the right mowing attachment.

With the right mowing attachment pulling from behind, you can now deal with your pastures or rocky terrain with ease!

In these instances, rotary cutters are a great choice, especially if the terrain is long and thick. Rotary cutters are also extraordinarily robust so that they can handle rocks and gravel too. Rotary cutters are great for rugged applications as they have much heavier blades allowing the equipment to mulch through those tougher ground conditions. Of course, with this type of attachment, you won’t be left with a smooth finished cut (a finishing mower will provide this for you); however, rotary cutters are great at helping to maintain your property.

Finishing mowers help you to maintain your lawns around your home and estate. They’re built for fine and groomed mowing. Providing a quality cut that is perfect if you require a well-manicured appearance.


Again, great for landscaping tasks such as seed prep, managing pesky weeds, tillage, and more. Tillers help to break up the soil and dirt to create beds for new lawns, mix gravel and soil for new beds, etc.

There are two types of tiller; a reverse tine – great if you’re looking for a nice finish with fine soil as the end result; and a forward tiller, which should be used if this is the first time the soil has been tilled or if the soil bed is really rocky and gritty.

Tillers are great at transforming scrub into a clean tilled surface and can run from 2 to 8 inches deep, depending on the tiller and the soil conditions.


Rakes are ideal for landscaping. Pulled behind your compact tractor, rakes clear any rocks, roots, and debris in their path.

Used on a 3 point hitch, rakes are great for clearing, grooming, and maintaining grounds. Preparing them for seeding, sodding, or turfing – breaking up clumps of dirt and raking clumps and stones away with ease.

Blade and box scrapers

These two types of compact tractor attachments help with maintaining driveways and roads, those that are made of mainly gravel and dirt.

These attachments help you to level out driveways and roads, spreading gravel evenly and compacting it down where required.

Blade attachments are also used in winter months for moving snow and even spreading mulch.


Backhoe attachments are mainly used for digging due to their horsepower and robust hydraulics.

Digging depths, depending on the attachment, can range from 6 to 12.

Backhoes are rear-mounted and include the boom, swing, dipper, and bucket function.

Different backhoe buckets are available depending on your requirements, i.e., a narrow bucket is ideal for trenches and gutters. In contrast, a wide bucket is typically used for general digging and moving high volumes of dirt.

Tackle foundations, dig ditches, and more all with a backhoe. A great attachment when you need to dig post holes, plant trees, or dig out foundations.

Compact tractor attachments for sale

Trust us; there is a compact tractor attachment for just about any job or task you can imagine. But it’s essential to choose the right attachment for the right job – it’s all about knowing what you want to achieve.

Beckside Machinery sells new and used compact tractors of all sizes. We also have a range of attachments suited to your requirements and specifications.

If you need a particular attachment, you’ll find many on our website or call us on 01673 828 965 to find out more.

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