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Tractor disc harrow attachment for compact tractors

In order to prepare land for planting, it is usually necessary to plough the land first, then power harrow it with power harrows, and then prepare the seed bed with toothed harrows in order to prepare the seedbed for the seeds. As a result of a tractor implement not being designed to open its own furrow, it is often necessary to have to carry out an additional operation to open a furrow.

As a general rule, each of these operations needs a separate coverage of the field by the compact tractor with the particular compact tractor attachment that is attached in order to complete the operation on the field. There is, of course, the disadvantage of this, which is that it is common for the smal tractor to have to go round the field four times before seeds can be planted or plants can be planted. Almost every farm operation involves at least two different tractor operations; plowing, followed by power harrowing to prepare the soil for seeding.

As a result of the above problems, it appears that there is a need for a suitable compact tractor power harrow for sale. This tractor harrow will allow the plowing and harrowing operations to be combined while not materially increasing the pull on the tractor's draw bar. In theory, it is possible to pull normal harrows by the tractor while it is in position to follow the plowing operation, which would allow the plowing and harrowing operations to be completed simultaneously. However, it is important to note that this would greatly increase the pull of the tractor's draw-bar and would usually require a tractor with a much higher horsepower. Therefore, a compact tractor disc harrow is recommended.

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