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Tractor-operated rotary Power harrow

The compact tractor attachment relates to a rotary power harrow for sale. With this power harrow there are brackets for the double connections of the trestle each consisting of two parts, namely the front, tunnel-like component to the arm forming the front connection and a rear pair of webs, and therefore two components are ahead or at the rear of the support profiles and the narrow sides of the Bolted box girder . The screw connections are therefore with the vertical and supporting forces only on shear what requires a correspondingly large dimensioning, and it can't be ruled out that the headstock is relative to the box girder tilts slightly when there's a front or a rear bracket loosen screws. Farther are the supports of the profiled sheet Hitch within the upper, adjacent to the cross member rich on its front and back very narrow. It can, therefore, unless they're particularly thick are deform at these points, because there especially under weight load by a downstream machine torsional forces occur.

The compact tractor attachment is predicated the load capacity to enhance the trestle overall and also with relatively small screws a reliable connection of the parts of the trestle with one another and with the box girder to enable.

The arrangement of the tunnel-shaped brackets during which the connections designed as arms for the lower links of the Kioti tractor device are stored, leads to a Ver stiffening of the box girder and therefore the profile supports of the extension brackets. Since the brackets by means of the screws on the highest wall of the box girder are attached, these are going to be bolted connections with vertically directed forces tension or compression is required, as is that the case for screw connections is to be preferred. The trestle itself has thanks to the design of the profile supports a high rigidity, and thus the load-bearing capacity of the general construction is additionally high, oh ne that the individual parts, like the screws and therefore the sheets should be particularly large.

In operation, the machine is connected by means of the headstock via the connections and eight to the three-point device of the tractor, in order that it are often pulled within the direction of travel via the Branson Tractors PTO and therefore the gearboxes, the tool rotors 3 are driven in pairs in opposite directions and work the soil seamlessly across the whole working width of the compact tractor attachments for sale.

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