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TYM announced the 16 winners of the COMPACT tractor donation program for young farmers...

In support of young farmers settling in rural areas, TYM Tractors donated 16 compact tractors with 40 to 50 horsepower.

Young farmers will benefit from this now three-year-old program, which began in 2020.

Through mutual growth with local communities and virtuous donation cycles, TYM will diversify its ESG management-guided activities.

Young farmers returning to rural areas received tractors from TYM, one of South Korea's leading manufacturers of compact tractors for sale.

In 2020, the project began to help new young farmers who may be experiencing difficulty with farm management as they settle in new areas. It marks its third year this year. As part of its ESG management policies, TYM will continue donating tractors to local communities in order to realize social value and co-prosperity.

The TYM support project contributes to the revitalization of rural areas and the development of agriculture. Since the first 10 tractors were donated in 2020, the program has steadily increased to 12 last year and 16 this year. A future expansion of the project is planned by TYM to help more young farmers.

A TYM official stated, "We plan to expand the tractor donation program and add other support programs to advance agriculture into a growth industry of the future." Our goal is to encourage a new generation of farmers and revitalize rural areas. In the same way that a candidate last year donated rice to a social cause, we will continue to do the same by fostering virtuous donation cycles in local communities."

TYM supplies tractors to the UK market under TYM Tractors UK.

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