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Ukraine receives tractors and funds from TYM Tractors worth 500 million KRW.

On October 28th, TYM Tractors announced that it had donated 500 million won worth of funds and agricultural machinery to the Ukrainian Embassy in Korea to assist in rebuilding the Ukrainian agriculture industry.

Due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, TYM has been pursuing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine since March. KRW 100 million was the initial donation in March. In addition, 10 compact tractors worth 400 million won were delivered after a previously blocked supply route was secured. On October 26th, TYM Chairman Hiyong Kim received a certificate of donation from the Ukrainian Embassy in Korea for his efforts to contribute to global society.

Tractors will be transferred to Horodok and Ilarionove, two municipalities designated by the Ukrainian Embassy. Both agricultural and construction work will be carried out with the TYM T475 and T575 tractors in these areas. The donated tractors will also be utilized through TYM's aid program.

"As Ukrainian ambassador to Korea, Ruslan Demchak, thanked TYM for providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In addition to improving quality of life for local residents, the tractors will also be used to repopulate Ukrainian neighborhoods that have been destroyed by warfare". According to a TYM official, "We have prepared this project to help refugees in Ukraine affected by war and to help rebuild communities. We will continue to expand our humanitarian efforts domestically and globally."

As part of its efforts to expand exports to the global market, TYM Tractors announced it will increase its partnership with Hydro-Masz, its exclusive distributor in Poland.

In order to bring our shared vision to life and provide people who are seeking compact tractors for sale with a better future, TYM has acquired Kukje Machinery, Branson Tractors. Our partners and customers will have access to a wider array of products and more in-depth services with TYM Tactors UK as an integrated brand. To that end, you can look forward to even more benefits.

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