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Uses of A Compact Tractor

There is no doubt that compact tractors are just that, compact. It is important to find the right compact tractor that meets your requirements since it offers a wide range of benefits.

Despite their compact size, compact tractors are still more than capable of getting the job done, ensuring greater efficiency and easy use.

Choosing the right compact tractor for sale is not just about the tractor itself, but also about the attachments and accessories necessary to accomplish the various tasks.

Beckside Machinery has a wide range of products to meet your needs, specializing in new and used compact tractors and their attachments.

However, when it comes to it...

what can a compact tractor do?

Allow us to explain.

1. Landscaping

Both commercial and residential landscaping is carried out using compact tractors. Because of their slim size, they can fit into most spaces, making them ideal for manoeuvring.

Landscape work allows the use of two attachments on a compact tractor - the loader and the backhoe. When both attachments are installed on the tractor, you will be able to let the tractor do the heavy lifting!

You can also use box blade attachments to maintain farmland and construction sites. For driveways, garden landscaping, and keeping farmland in good condition, you should consider pallet forks - making light work a necessary chore.

2. Maintaining lawns that are overgrown

Using a compact tractor with a mower attachment is now a popular choice, which speeds up the process of mowing the lawns and can also handle even the most rugged lawn areas with ease. You no longer have to struggle with thick grass, weeds, or heavy brush in the woods with rotary cutter attachments!

Furthermore, spray attachments can also be used to fertilize lawns, kill weeds, perform some de-icing, water grass areas, etc.

Compact tractors reduce your workload and permit you to cut large lawn areas with ease.

3. The process of planting and growing.

In keeping with the green-fingered theme, smaller tractors are also an excellent choice if you plan on planting new trees, since they can be dug out and moved, as well as removed old larger stumps.

The versatility of the compact tractor allows them to also serve as a food plot seeder, which can be used to disk, cultivate, seed, cover the seed and level the seedbed.

It can also be used to clear hedgerows. Tractors that are compact can perform the same functions as large machines but do not obstruct traffic by overpowering and dominating roadsides.

4. Managing livestock

It is not always possible for large tractors and pieces of machinery to fit, or maneuver, very easily around a farm, such as being able to access barns or fit through fences that have smaller openings, but a compact tractor can.

Using a compact tractor and its attachments, it is possible to spread manure, move heavy items, clear out ditches, clean creeks, transport hay, remove stone foundations and more.

5. The removal of snow

The best way to remain safe during the winter months is to be well prepared, especially if you stay in an area that has been severely affected by the winter elements or your access is always a concern. Currently, compact tractors are available with heated cabs, making them ideal for use throughout the year.

The project will also require the use of a front end snowblower, brows, ploughs, and salters, and don't forget the loader!

A compact tractor can be used for a variety of purposes. That is why they are so effective. Additionally, they are very versatile and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Their horsepower varies, depending on the make and model, between 15hp and 40hp, and the best option for you will depend on what you are looking for.

Thanks to their smooth hydraulics, they offer high productivity, are comfortable, and can be tailor-made with attachments/accessories that you may need. Tractors that are smaller are also easier to maintain because they are easily accessible, have easy maintenance points and convenient maintenance points.

Compact tractors can be used to tow other equipment, build trails, and maintain and manage sites.

Beckside Machinery carries a range of used tractors for sale in addition to a selection of compact tractors for sale. A variety of attachments are available to suit every need.

We invite you to contact us at 01673828965 to learn more about how we can help you.

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