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VST 185 EURO Compact Tractor

The company has been involved with Mitsubishi for over 50-years. Their technological expertise and collaboration with Mitsubishi include the manufacturing of diesel engines, so rest assured that the VST EURO's 18.5 HP, 2700 RPM, 3-cylinder, the overhead valve diesel engine is state-of-the-art in terms of performance and durability. They were awarded "Best Supplier Award" by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

VST EURO 185 on Super Turfs
VST EURO on Super Turf Tyres

Neither is Mitsubishi the only famous brand to take an interest in them, Kukje Machinery in South Korea, have also funded heavily. The parent company for Branson Tractors, Kukje hold a technological alliance with the manufacturers of VST EURO small tractors for the manufacture of Branson Tractors. "BRANSON", a reputable brand in the USA that has an excellent track record for both quality and customer satisfaction especially for small tractors.

The VTS EURO has a very stylish dashboard with improved instrument design for smooth operation. Additionally, power steering comes as standard on a VST EURO, so that means far less exhaustion for the operator. Moreover, comfort is ramped up on the VST EURO due to the spaciously designed operator area.

VST EURO 185. With 4 in 1
VST EURO 185. With 4 in 1

Accompanying with durability, performance, and operator comfort, the VST EURO small tractor has also been made to be pleasing on the eye. It flaunts a stylish new grille design that features 4 LED and 2 Halogen tractor lights that are unique on the market. In terms of performance, the VST EURO compact tractor runs smoothly on high-speed diesel oil, which is outfitted from an 18-litre oil tank. You control the speed via an ergonomic selective sliding gear which includes 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds in reverse with differential lock. The travelling speed is between 1.2 kmph minimum and 14 kmph maximum.

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