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Where can I buy a log splitter?

Since we've already covered "what is a log splitter" and "Are log splitters worth the money?" in this blog, we'll examine where to buy the highest quality log splitters.

For farmers, smallholders, landscape developers and estate managers, tractor-mounted log splitters are essential. The purpose of a log splitter is to split wood which has been prepared into pre-cut lengths using a saw bench or a chainsaw into firewood. With a tractor log splitter, woodland areas can be cleared throughout the year and logs can be produced for the autumn and winter months. A log splitter typically has an 8 to 16-tonne splitting force and operates using hydraulic pumps and oil systems. Splitting thicker wood is possible with a higher tonnage.

Larger tractors as well as compact tractors can be fitted with tractor-mounted log splitters. Using the three-point linkage, the Log Splitter can be driven to any area of woodland, wherever the timber to be split is located. Their flexibility and efficiency make them a wise choice for users. Because of the power of these machines and the danger of moving blades, only trained users should operate log splitters. As a precaution against contact with the moving blade, most hydraulic log splitters require a two-handed operation. It is easy to store tractor-mounted log splitters since they are wheel mounted and easily manoeuvrable.

Goliath's tractor-mounted log splitters are available in three models. A 14-ton model, an 18-ton model, and a 27-ton model are available. The wood splitter for sale in this series includes a specially forged splitting wedge that has been hardened to provide the smoothest splitting action.

Additionally, Goliath manufactures a range of petrol log splitters. Whenever you find yourself struggling to keep up with wood prep duties in the freezing cold, have you ever decided enough is enough? Have your shoulders had enough of it and you don't have the same swing that you used to have? Whatever your method of heating your home, if you use wood, a petrol log splitter is absolutely essential. Since petrol log splitters can be taken to the wood, they have an advantage over electric log splitters. In addition to their power, they are much more efficient than manual log splitters. So in this article we reviewed the best petrol log splitters to make life easy at home and work.

With superior quality Briggs & Stratton engines, Goliath petrol log splitters come in 18-ton, 20-ton, 25-ton and 35-ton capacities. Call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965 to find out where you can buy a Goliath log splitter.

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