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Why Choose a Kioti Compact Tractor?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

"Kioti Uk Limited commenced trading February 2016 to promote and market New Kioti products and to extend the support for the Kioti compact tractor units and Diesel UTVs that were already in the UK and sold by the initial importer since 2001.

The Kioti Company offers the UK market Premium class and high specification, mini, sub-compact and compact utility tractors that will interest private individuals Smallholders, landscapers, Contractors, market gardeners, and those into Equestrian and agriculture. The list is infinite.

Reliability and customer trust is vital. That is why all tractors are sold including a 5 year 3000-hour warranty as standard with no further fee to the end-user. Terms and conditions apply but the warranty is extensive compared to a lot of rival terms.

Sold globally The Kioti Brand products are a significant player in the Compact tractor business. For example, Kioti sell more than 10,000 tractor units each year in the USA. Driver comfort and performance are always primary in the minds of the creators when looking at product developments.

Kioti are owned and maintained by the family-run POLS group based outside Rotterdam, Holland. The POLS group are accountable for selling Kioti products throughout Holland, Belgium, France Luxemborg, Switzerland and Romania. Additional parts can be distributed by emergency service overnight from the Rotterdam HQ. Extra spare parts are held at the Kioti EU headquarters, also situated in Rotterdam.

The Kioti Uk team is small yet effective with many years of practical knowledge in the industry and with the Kioti goods. They are an important part of the Kioti Family. As are Beckside Machinery - we are officially the UK's number one Kioti dealer.

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