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Wood Chipper cutter ring type

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The second method uses a so-called cutter ring type wood chipper. This PTO wood chipper for compact tractor (wood chipping device) combines a ring or an annular body composed of a plurality of cutters. In this example, the cutting edge of the cutter reaches at least substantially parallel to the ring axis. The cutter ring encompasses a processing chamber in which a portion of wood is inserted via the injection shaft at the radially innermost part. This piece of wood is controlled by a centrifugal force by the rotor towards the inside surface of the cutter ring and thus towards the cutting blade of the cutter to be chipped radially outward.

The semi-finished material provided to these wood chipper compact tractor attachments consists of fairly small parts or pieces of wood previously created in the crushing process. Roughly speaking, these items of wood are at least as big as match boxes.

The wood chips that can be created using this cutter-ring type wood chipper are essentially different from the OS chips manufactured with the first mentioned category of devices working with the first mentioned system. Is different. These wood chips are commonly pin-shaped, reminiscent of thin matchsticks. These wood chips can only be concocted into dry fiberboard. However, dry fiberboard has a limit in force, and in particular, does not have serious bending strength. Therefore, the dry fiberboard is not employed as a building material, but is employed in the furniture industry instead.

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