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Introducing the 3 Point Linkage Pallet Forks available at Becksdie Machinery, a great addition to your collection of farm or industrial equipment. Perfectly suited for medium to large compct tractors, these forks are designed to elevate your material handling efficiency with their robust construction and thoughtful design.


Key Features:

Three-Point Linkage Compatibility: These pallet forks seamlessly integrate with the standard three-point linkage system of your tractor, ensuring a stable and secure fit. They are compatible with 2 * CAT 1 linkage types, providing versatility for a range of compact tractors for sale.


Built for Heavy-Duty Tasks: With a lifting capacity of up to 970 kg, these forks are engineered for the heavy lifting required in agricultural and industrial environments. Whether it's moving pallets or other substantial loads, these forks are up to the task.


Optimal Dimensions for Effective Operations: The forks boast an inside length of 1045 mm, an overall width of 755 mm, and a height of 720 mm, designed for balanced and efficient operation. However, please note there seems to be a discrepancy with the fork length being listed as 1 mm, which likely requires clarification.


Durability and Reliability: The tines on these pallet forks are crafted to meet high standards, ensuring they are dependable and easy to manoeuvre during use.



These 3 Point Linkage Pallet Forks are not just a compact tractor attachment; they are an essential tool designed to enhance the productivity and capability of your tractor. Becksdie Machinery is dedicated to supplying equipment that stands the test of time, providing reliability and efficiency in every task.


Equip your tractor with the 3 Point Linkage Pallet Forks from Becksdie Machinery – where quality meets functionality, ensuring your tasks are carried out with precision and ease.




    CAT 1 * 2


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