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The Kioti EX50C compact tractor, offered by Beckside Machinery, combines functionality with convenience. Below are the key details and features for a quick overview:


  • Model: Kioti EX50C Creeper Model
  • 49 HP
  • Transmission: Shuttle transmission
  • Operating Hours: 4124 hours
  • Cabin: Heated & AC-equipped cab
  • Registration: Road registered
  • Tyres: Large turf tyres
  • Valves: 1 X D/A spool valves
  • Price: £11995 plus VAT


Detailed Description:

The Kioti EX50C is a used compact tractor that is built to perform efficiently. With a total of 4124 operational hours, it has a shuttle transmission that ensures smooth gear shifting and operation. The cab is equipped with both heating and air conditioning, providing comfort to the operator in various climates. This tractor is also road registered, making it versatile for both on-site and transport needs.

The large turf tyres on the Kioti EX50C offer stability and less ground compaction, which is ideal for maintaining lawn and turf quality. The addition of 1 X D/A spool valves expands its capability to operate a variety of hydraulic implements.

Service and maintenance have been prioritized with this tractor. It has received a full service from skilled mechanics, including a thorough inspection, an electrical system check, and essential maintenance like oil and filter changes. It is also prepped for colder conditions with anti-freeze treatments, ensuring it functions optimally throughout the seasons.


For purchase inquiries or to explore more options in used compact tractors, contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965, or visit our website to view our selection.

Kioti EX50C compact tractor for sale


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