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If you're looking for a solid tractor box grader UK manufactured, then we have in stock the Oxdale Box Grader. These excellent Box Graders for sale are:


  • Available in diameters of 4, 5 and 6 ft
  • Indispensable compact tractor attachments for ground levelling, i.e., hard tracks, spreading soil and rubble rapidly.
  • The tines loosen the matter. The loose matter is transported in the box and falls out where the ground is uneven, giving a level surface


What is a Box Grader?


A box grader are compact tractor attachments used on compact tractors for smoothing and shaping land. It is attached to the tractor via a three-point hitch. It is a variation of the rear blade which has developed into its own compact tractor implement, with uses that equal that of a rear blade, but are distinct. They consist of a sturdy metal three-sided box, with the front, top and bottom uncovered. The front has retractable scarifiers that can be used to crumble up hard ground. The back has a forward and reverse cutting blade fitted to the bottom, with the reverse cutting blade often gated or floating on more expensive box graders for sale. Box blades are usually really heavy due to the forces placed upon them - even the lightweight ones will weigh around 120 KGs. These compact tractor implements work going forward by scraping the soil, moving it forward as it rolls inside the box, and allowing it to work out as the blade passes over low areas. It works going back much like a bull dozer blade, pushing dirt, that can spill out of the bottom or sides. Unlike a bull dozer blade, box blades aren't adjustable relative to the small tractor more than a few degrees in various directions, and generally only when the driver dismounts the small tractor.


Box blades are mainly used for moving dirt, contouring land, and smoothing land. Major tractor implements manufacturers manufacture box blades, including Oxdale Products LTD.


Beckside Machinery are official Oxdale dealers; please call us on 01673 828 965 if you have any questions or want to order.

4 ft Oxdale Box Grader For Sale | Oxdale Products LTD

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