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Tractor Roller


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Fleming's Field Rollers: The Ultimate Choice for Ground Leveling

Fleming's has been a trusted name in the manufacturing of landrollers for over four decades, amassing extensive technical expertise in the field. Our range of tractor rollers, including field rollers, paddock rollers, and compact tractor rollers, are not only limited to agricultural grassland and cereals but find diverse applications across various fields.


Key Features

Our compact models, designed with high-quality materials for durability and efficiency, are available in several sizes:


  • 4ft (4 x 24 x 6)

  • 5ft (5 x 24 x 6)

  • 6ft6 (6.6 x 24 x 6)

  • 8ft (8 x 24 x 6)

These rollers can be filled with water ballast for added weight, making them perfect for 4x4 vehicles. They come with a ball hitch, making it easy to attach to your compact tractor or 4x4 vehicle.


Types of Tractor Rollers

1. Field Roller: Perfect for levelling surfaces, our field rollers are an ideal choice for agricultural use and sports pitches.


2. Paddock Roller: Our paddock rollers are available for sale and are specifically designed for horse ménage and gallops.


3. Garden Tractor Roller: Ideal for horticultural use and garden maintenance, they help in maintaining the aesthetics of your garden.


4. Land Roller: Manufactured by Fleming's, these are used for a wide variety of applications, including the manufacture and maintenance of golf courses, sports pitches, and grass turf production.



Fleming's tractor rollers offer numerous benefits:


  • They level the pasture, preventing damage to other machinery.

  • They level out playing fields for visual effect and ease of use.

  • They flatten mole hills and prevent rainfall from lying in any indents/small holes.

  • They promote a thicker crop, enhancing agricultural yield.

  • They are low-maintenance equipment, providing long-term efficiency.


Buying Guide

When purchasing a Tractor Roller, consider factors such as cost, brand reputation, and after-sales service. Fleming's offers a wealth of technical experience and provides a spare parts list found in the Specification section, ensuring you have everything you need to keep your roller running smoothly.


Customer Reviews


"As a farmer in the heart of Yorkshire, I've always struggled with maintaining my fields. I decided to give Fleming's 6ft6 roller a shot, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The roller is perfect for my compact tractor and has been a game-changer in leveling my agricultural grassland. It's durable and requires minimal maintenance, which is a huge plus for me. I highly recommend Fleming's rollers to any farmer looking for a reliable and efficient solution to manage their fields." - John Hargreaves, Yorkshire.


"I'm a groundskeeper for a football club in Manchester, and maintaining the sports pitches can be quite a task. We recently invested in the 8ft Fleming roller, and it has greatly improved our work. It's easy to handle, efficient, and provides a visually pleasing and easily usable surface for the players. Our pitches have never looked better! The roller levels out the playing fields for visual effect and ease of use, which is crucial for us. If you're a grounds person like me, Fleming's rollers are a must-have!" - Sarah Thompson, Manchester


Contact Us

For further inquiries, please contact us at Beckside Machinery 01673 828 965. You can also reach out to us through our social media links provided on the website.

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Our products comply with current EU safety guidelines and come with full CE certification for peace of mind.

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All of our machinery includes a parts warranty; for details, please view the individual product pages.

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Whether you want advice on purchasing or require technical help from our experienced mechanics, we are here to help.

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