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The initial idea of having a side by side ATV, for driver and passenger had been discussed in brief on many occasions. One day, Edgar Hetteen and he had loved the idea of having a 6-wheeler, side by side, so he could go over all terrain with his Mrs by his side. Seeing quad bikes for sale is commonplace in the countryside now, whereas 20 years ago it was a different story. Originally quads were for a unique market, whereas nowadays, quads for sale is a common sight.


There were several concepts which were contemplated in quad design, and the important features such as handlebar vs steering wheel, ride in vs ride-on were considered. Eventually, we decided on the final design which became our first RANGER.


In 2005, the RANGER went through several changes and improvements in comfort with a dual arm rear suspension and electric fuel injection for supreme convenience. In addition, Polaris invested more in accessories such as the Lock & Ride box.


In 2009, building for innovation with a dual arm suspension for improved rider ergonomics, and larger power train capability.


In 2018/19 The RANGER XP 1000 introduced a 3-seater as an additional feature with a more rugged design, 2,500 lb towing capacity, 82 horsepower, 13-inch ground clearance, and 11 inches of suspension movement. 


Polaris Selection

Polaris models are specially designed according to your needs, whether it is for adults or a kids quad bike using questions such as; 1, how you will use it: Work, work and recreation, and only recreation. What activities you plan to use it for hunting/fishing, farming, trail riding etc. ATV or Side by Side, single seat, 2-3 seat, 4 seats ++. Which functions are important: Power steering, Navigation, Heavy Towing? Some popular Polaris quads for sale include the Polaris Slingshot, Polaris Ranger,  Polaris Sportsman



ATV: Sportsman, Polaris ACE,

Youth: Youth ATV, Youth Single Seat, Youth RZR, Youth RANGER.


UTVs, plus attachments and accessories. Renowned for their durability, ease of maintenance and all-around comfort ATVs and Mule UTVs will help you get the job done, whether you are tending sheep in the hills or repairing a run of fencing. With practical features such as CTV transmission, selectable 2WD and 4WD plus multi-plate sealed rear brakes, these vehicles are engineered for a long life of hard work.

  • The price for starters a small UTV for the price of an ATV!

  • Lightweight, therefore minimum ground damage, small and compact

  • Bench seat with low step-in height

  • The super quiet and economical petrol engine

  • Outstanding performance and grip, low range, 2/4wd and diff lock (SX Model)

  • Strong steel-based tipping rear cargo be

  • Cab, doors and tow bar option


Yamaha quads also have a good reputation and a varied selection of UTV models within the pure sport, recreation, and utility. Within the pure sports model, you have 4 sport versions; recreation there are 7 models, and utility there are 6 side-by-side models. Yamaha also does a selection of snowmobiles for trail, crossover, mountain, utility, and youth.

The engine in a Honda quad features a high-performance cylinder head. The OHV design delivers a wide, easy to use power band. Capacitor Discharge (CD) ignition features electronic advance plus rev limiter to protect the engine. With the crankshaft in line with the frame, you get direct driveshaft alignment to the wheels, improved drivetrain efficiency and a low center of gravity. And it’s a major contributor to great stability, handling, and balance, all features you expect of a Honda ATV.

The working day can bring many challenges and five forward gears, including an ultra-low first – plus reverse – mean you’ve got plenty of pulling power. An automatic clutch with low engagement point gives fast, easy shifts and excellent towing ability; true engine braking also helps maintain control.

The motor highlights a high-performance barrel head. The OHV plan conveys a wide, simple to utilize the control band. Capacitor Release (CD) start highlights electronic progress additionally rev limiter to ensure the motor. With the crankshaft in line with the outline, you get coordinate driveshaft arrangement to the wheels, moved forward drivetrain productivity and a moo middle of gravity. And it’s a major donor to incredible steadiness, taking care of and adjust, all highlights you anticipate of a Honda ATV.

The working day can bring numerous challenges and five forward gears, counting an ultra-low, to begin with – furthermore switch – cruel you’ve got a bounty of pulling control. A programmed clutch with moo engagement point gives quick, simple shifts and great towing capacity; genuine motor braking moreover makes a difference keep up control.



Maintenance depends can be broken down into Service Parts:

Battery Care, Belt, Filters, Lifts, Lubricants, Spark Plugs.

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