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Compact Tractor Attachments: Front loaders

WMX Loader Series:


T400 Series

In the T400 series there are more than 10 different loaders for specific requirements and specifications for models from 50 to 300Hp agricultural tractors. The 408 Loader is made and designed for extreme conditions. They have better comfort, safety and durability for extraordinary conditions with lifting height of 3.75M and weight 1500Kg. Whereas the T408 is designed to lift 1900Kg up to 3.85M for 80 to 120Hp tractors.


U400 Series

In the U 400 series there are 14 models available with or without parallelogram for 40 to 220 Hp tractors. The MXU403 is for 40 to 80Hp engines and can lift1400Kg up to 3.50 M high. Whereas the MXU406 is a multi-purpose loader which has easy and fast coupling, good working visibility can life 1,750Kg to heights of 3.75M and crowding angle of 71 degrees at a height of 1.2M.


A100 Series

In the A100 Series there are only 3 unique designs to meet your specific needs for tractors of 40 to 140Hp. The MX A104 can handle 1500Kg up to 3.5M high It has a wide choice of equipment options including a flexible low-pressure hydraulic system and easy unlocking system. In contrast the MXA106 for 60 to 90 Hp engines can lift 1500Kg up to 3.8M high.


F300 Series

There are 2 models made specifically narrow for vineyards and fruit loaders. The MXF303 is designed for 50 to 120Hp engines to lift 750Kg up to 3.20 M high. And the MXF304 has a payload capacity of 1175Kg up to 3.20 M high.


Compact Loaders

The compact Loaders are designed specifically for compact tractors 15 to 70Hp engines. There is a total of 7 loaders with slightly different specifications. MXC1 is for micro-tractors for maintenance of Greenland for smallholders, landscapers, local councils and gardeners. It has an automatic hitching of loader/ implement and a perfectly matched hydraulic system. 15 to 2 Hp engines with a lifting capacity of 420 Kg to a height of 1.92 M. Whereas the MXC3+ is designed for similar clientele as the MX C1, but it can lift to 530Kg on a pallet at the maximum height of 2.60M high.


Implement Accessories


  • General Purpose Bucket: Multi-purpose bucket base don the earth bucket.

  • Silage Bucket: Implement based on the cereal bucket to enable clean efficient work in a silo.

  • 4in 1: This Is capable of performing landscaping, loading snow clearance it can be used as a grab bucket, a levelling blade, or even bulldozing without changing the bucket.

  • High Tip Bucket: It is designed for loading cereal trailers up to 4 m high. Because of the forward pivot point you can load in the middle of the vehicle and still maintain interior volume.


  • Multi-Purpose Bucket (High): This is is a high lifting implement for silage and manure.

  • Manure Fork: A simple, self-explanatory bucket for lifting manure.

  • Combination Medium Bucket: High capacity implement for up to 100Hp tractor. Perfect for manure or grass silage. Fitted as standard to an original wear blade.

  • Sheer Grab: There are 3 modes: This is used to easily load silage, grass or maize. It avoids air contamination and has 2 rams.

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