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Updated: May 20, 2020

After spending some time this month destroying a backyard with the smallest of the Kioti range of tractors, the CS2610, my views of grass cutting may have changed a little. When fitted with front end loader and 60-inch mid-mounted mower deck, a Swiss army knife-type machine for the lifestyle block owner. Otherwise, it works as a handy addition for some of the smaller jobs on bigger farming operations.

The mower deck installed on the Kioti CS2610 is made for some serious cutting, with steel that appear to be twice the thickness of your average lawn tractor. It also has replaceable wear plates on the front for years of mowing.

Power Farming is importing all the CS2610 models fitted with industrial tyres, which I think is a good compromise. The industrial tyres did a tidy job while on lawn duties and proved to be rather beneficial for loader work and digging applications.

Industrial tyres do have a flat profile which is designed for use on hard surfaces, so extra care is required when operating on wet, uneven terrain.


Kioti has fitted a three-cylinder Shibaura 26hp diesel to the CS2610, providing 19.4kW of power at 3000rpm. The main job of the engine on this machine is to power the 24.6-litre-per-minute hydraulic gear pump, which will drive the two-speed hydrostatic transmission, rear linkage, and loader functions. The little diesel engine is an economic option as it’s frugal on fuel, with a 25-litre tank you won’t be filling up after two hours’ work.


Given the dampness of both the grass and the ground, I thought it best not to look behind me after I mowed the ground. However, when I did, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mowing job done with the three-blade, 60-inch deck. A good thing about this machine is the operator can manipulate the deck independently of the rear linkage. Deck height adjustment is found on the left-hand guard and is easily locked or changed to different heights.


Like all other machines on the market, the Kioti has several safety features as standard. For example, if you leave the seat while the tractor is in gear, the PTO will automatically shut down.

The folding ROPS on the tractor not only protects the operator in case of a rollover, it also allows access and manoeuvrability in spaces with low head room. Another important factor worth pointing out is its stability. With a wheelbase of 1400mm and a width of 1181mm, the tractor is stable as a stand-alone machine.


As a lifestyle machine, I think the CS2610 is an excellent option. If you have a difficult farming operation, the Kioti CS2610 will work quite well in cleaning out the calf barns or scrape around the feed pad. With the 60-inch deck, you have a decent mower to quickly tidy up driveways and the lawns. If I had one, doing the lawns around home might cease to be such a chore!

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