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2610 Kioti Compact Tractors Vs. L2501 Kubota compact tractors for sale uk: Dimensions

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

While these two compact tractors for sale are pretty similar in terms of dimensions, overall L2501 Kubota tractors are smaller than the CK2610H Kioti tractors, but not by a lot. Both have the same compact tractor width at 55.1 inches. Both compact tractors for sale UK are very close on turning radius at approximately eight feet. The Kubota compact tractor has an asset in height if garaging or shed accommodation are essential, as the L2501 Kubota compact tractor for sale is 7.5 inches shorter than the CK2610H Kioti compact tractor to the top of the roll over protective structure (ROPS).

The critical difference between the dimensions of these two compact tractors s in length and wheelbase. The 2610H Kioti tractor pounds the L2501 Kubota tractor in both specifications. The Kioti tractor includes a longer frame, meaning it is about 14 inches longer in entirety than the Kubota tractor, which is quite a bit when examining stability. It proposes even more if you plan on using compact tractor attachments like a compact tractor loader or compact tractor backhoe attachment backhoe. The Kioti tractor CK2610H is almost 2.5 inches longer in wheelbase opposed to the Kubota compact tractor, which means the Kioti compact tractors may consistently have a more enjoyable ride and better stability, especially when using compact tractor implements.

Whether you are interested in Kioti compact tractors, or Kubota compact tractors for sale UK, Beckside Machinery have a wide selection of quality compact tractors, including Branson Tractors, and compact tractor attachments for sale.

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