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6 Compact Tractor Hacks

We at Beckside Machinery admire how creative and innovative compact tractor hacks have become over the years, and with the advent of social media, more and more people are now sharing their ideas and tricks of the small tractor trade on the internet.

Most of the time, these hacks are designed to streamline processes and tasks; however, we must emphasize that safety remains a paramount concern, and must always be regarded as such.

Listed below are eight hacks for compact tractors.

1. Make sure to keep up with maintenance.

You should maintain your subcompact tractor regularly in order to keep it working at its best. Making sure your machine runs smoothly is as simple as checking for wear and tear, lubricating and greasing the parts as necessary, changing the oil filter when advised by the manufacturer, and checking fluid levels on a regular basis.

If properly maintained, this kind of equipment can last a lifetime.

2. It is important not to use cheap and low-quality fuel and fluids.

Besides the fact that cheap fuel is of poor quality, it also has a high moisture content, which can cause mold to grow in the tank and systems over time, which eventually leads to fuel tanks getting clogged and a whole host of other complications that cause further damage and additional expenditure for your vehicle.

Make sure to use the recommended fuels and fluids when you carry out your oil changes and remember to check the fluids for your front wheel axle when you do so! Most people forget about the most important part of a small tractor, yet it is the most important one for you to look after, because it bears the most weight.

It is also a good idea to add some tractor tyre fluid/antifreeze to help add weight to your tyres and ensure that they remain firmly on the ground, this is especially useful if you are lifting, digging, or working on uneven ground.

3. Make sure that your radiators are kept clean at all times.

Dirt, debris and other materials, as well as other substances, can be found inside radiators depending on what task you are carrying out. It is important to keep radiators as free from dirt as possible since it can cause blocked radiators, overheating, etc. The cost of replacing radiator equipment can be quite high.

In addition to making their own pre-screen clips to avoid things getting into the compact tractor in the first place, some owners have also used air compressors and leaf blowers to clear areas of dirt or debris that may have accumulated there.

Additionally, you have the option of cutting a paint brush to a size that permits the bristles to be as stiff as possible, and small enough for you to keep it in the cab with you. As you go along, you will need to brush away as much chaff as possible from the grill and radiator.

4. Make sure that you work within the guidelines.

The compact tractors for all their capabilities, they still have some limitations despite the fact that they can perform even the toughest of tasks. You can find all of these details detailed in the accompanying owner's manual that comes with every compact tractor for sale.

In our experience at Beckside Machinery, the majority of repairs that we see are due to users testing and pushing the limits of machines by trying to do more than is recommended.

5. Only use quality parts.

It is not that you must always use quality, branded parts that are the most expensive on the market. However, there is a fine line to walk, and quality always takes precedence over cost. Whenever you shop for parts, it's important to bear in mind that some of them are good, and well, a few of them are not so good. Make sure you do your homework.

Cutting costs now could turn out to be a costly mistake later on.

6. Defining your territory.

Not in the sense that you think! On the other hand, when it comes to finding and identifying polarity markings on tractor batteries, it can be a challenge. This isn't just due to poor lighting, but also often because these symbols can be embossed black on black!

Whenever you replace your battery, mark the positive post in red every time you replace it. By doing so, you can avoid any expensive repairs!

If you're looking for tractor hacks for your tractor, you will find a variety of great ones out there, depending on what you're looking for, and if you have any that you have found useful and want to share, please make sure to do so below in the comments.

With Beckside Machinery, we are specialists in compact tractors for sale. We have used compact tractors for sale, including tractors with front loaders for sale compact tractors for sale UK, attachments and accessories to go along with them.

We would be happy to help you find out more, please visit our product pages online or give us a call at 01679 878 965

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