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ADVICE for PURCHASING Used Compact Tractors

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Maybe you’re growing your business, or maybe your old trusty tractor has permanently run out of steam. Whatever the reason may be, you’re now viewing compact tractors.

While it would be helpful to buy everything brand new, when it gets to tractors for sale in the UK, the cost might be restrictive.

It’s also an expenditure that isn’t necessary when you consider the quantity of used compact tractors for sale. It’s much like purchasing a second-hand car. A brand-new vehicle is always pleasant, but you get better value with a good second-hand model.

The key is to get sound second-hand tractors for sale. At Beckside Machinery, we can assist you do just that. To make things easier for you, we’ve assembled a list of used compact tractors buying tips.

Getting Started

Your first step is to begin looking for potential buys. Check papers, auction sites, magazines, dealer sites and so forth. Exploring online is a good first step because you’ll get a summary of what’s out there. You can also get an impression of what kind of cost is involved.

Research the Sources

Perhaps you’ve found the ideal option for you. Before you agree to buy it, though, do as much study on the seller as possible. This is more challenging with a private seller because they might not have much of a history on their website.

If you understand something about mechanics and you can scrutinise the machine, a private seller might be a good bet. If not, we’d suggest sticking with a dealership or other outlet. A private seller wants to sell that thing, so they might tell you anything to offload their tractor.

A business, on the other hand, has to be concerned about their status. That’s not stating that the business is always the best choice for budget tractors, but they will give a greater level of customer service.

If you choose to go through an auction site, you could save money. There is also the possibility that you buy an unreliable used tractor. Frequently, the auctions sell the items as is with no returns permitted.

Get the Timing Right

If feasible, be prepared to wait a while. End-of-season sales mean that new compact tractors get snapped up more swiftly. That, in turn, means that you’re likely to have more choice in the second-hand market as well.

Find out when the main manufacturers offer sales on their items. See if you can time your investing accordingly.

Machine Details

Once you’ve got the right candidate and you feel that the seller is reliable, you need to examine the tractor itself. If possible, ask for a full evaluation. You should be capable of getting a history of the machine to view what work has been done on it.

You can ask out-and-out whether major repairs had been performed, how old the machine is and how much work it’s had. Do ask for images that show the entire tractor and closeups of the engine.

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s also reasonable to check the tractor for mechanical issues. Who normally does the maintenance on your machinery? Would they be prepared to check the condition of the used tractor?

Ask to start-up and experiment with the tractor. This is a reasonable question, so if this is not permitted, it may be a red flag.

Find out if there is a warranty in place. If so, it may be portable to you.

Ready to buy your compact tractor?

By carefully investigating your options and discovering a seller that you can trust, you can conserve money and avoid trouble. You don’t need the most polished, newest model on the market to get a dependable tractor.

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