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All-in-one FLAIL Collector for crushing and field returning

These compact tractor attachments for sale relate to the field of agriculture machinery, correlates to a compact tractor attachment for joint performance of crushing and field restoring of farmland crop straws and recycling of residual films and root stubbles after fall harvest, and discloses an all-in-one flail collector for crushing and field restoring of the straws and recycling of the residual films and the root stubbles. The all-in-one flail collector for sale incorporates a machine frame, a walking wheel capable of being raised, a plurality of cutting and stirring devices are ordered abreast under the machine frame, and counter wheels are ordered on two sides of the machine frame of the majority of cutting and stirring devices. A conveying device is orchestrated at the rear ends of the cutting plus stirring devices, a crushing device is ordered at the rear end of the conveying device, and a film collecting box is provided at the rear end of the crushing device. A picking device is provided below the flail mower collector frame at the anterior end of the film collecting box, a separating scraper is arrayed at the position near to the film collecting box, the separating scraper is in a comb tooth shape, plus a break shovel is arranged in front of the gathering device. Compared with the prior art, the all-in-one collector can complete crushing and field returning of the straws and recycling of the residual films and the root stubbles, and is easy and reasonable in structure, stable in working performance and good in recycling effect.

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