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Are quad bikes legal on roads in the UK?

As quad bikes grow in popularity, their ease of use and also quick manoeuvring has made them increasingly popular to drive short distances on UK roads.

However, due to the increasing number of accidents relating to quad bikes, the law in this area has been heightened and brought much more into focus.

The team at Beckside machinery are always on hand to help you with all your quad bike-related queries and make sure your road-ready.

Are our quad bikes legal on UK roads?

Looking at the makeup of a quad, they are primarily designed for off-road use. This means that for some makes and models, they don’t meet the stringent requirements (relating to construction and safety) that would enable them to be classified as roadworthy.

However, there are some quad bikes which can be used on roads in the UK so long as they are taxed, approved, registered, insured, have a valid MOT and all drivers hold a valid driving licence.

This means, in essence, yes, some quad bikes can legally be driven on UK roads.

Classed as a B1 vehicle by the government, quad bikes that are intended to be driven on public roads must follow the stringent laws above and below:

  • Drivers must hold a full UK car or motorcycle licence (category B licence)

  • Drivers must be at least 17 years of age

  • All quads must be type-approved, registered and taxed

  • Driving quad bikes on roads means you must display its registration plate both at the front and the rear

  • Protective safety wear should be worn at all times – everyone’s safety is of paramount importance

  • Quad bike insurance will also apply - a minimum of third-party cover

  • You can be fined if you’re not adequately covered, even if the quad is not in use

  • All road vehicles including quads must have a full MOT, especially if they are more than three years old

  • Passengers should only be riding if the ATV itself is designed to carry multiple people

  • If quads are driven after dark, they must comply with the requirements of the Road Vehicles (Lighting) Regulations 1986

  • If the speed exceeds 20mph, quads must be fitted with a speedometer and a horn

Note: If you’re looking for an ATV for sale that is to be used off-road and off-road only, then the above requirements do not apply.

Quad bikes on motorways

One of the biggest questions asked is if quad bikes can be driven on motorways. The quick answer is, yes.

The more detailed explanation is; it is legal to ride a quad on a motorway so long as you have registered the vehicle with the DVLA, it meets the required safety and construction features, and you fully comply with all of the requirements listed above.

However, not all requirements are often required

There are some situations where the conditions mentioned above may not always apply.

This is when the quad bike in question is used for agricultural, horticultural or forestry work, and in such instances, these vehicles should be registered as a light agricultural vehicle.

Registering them as such makes them a concessionary vehicle so will have zero-rated vehicle tax applied to them, and they also don’t require an MOT.

ATV use on farms

Most farmers will use off-road Polaris quad bikes around their property and land. However, these off-road quads can sometimes be used on roads to get from one place/field to another.

In these instances, certain things need to be taken into consideration:

  • If going on roads, your ATV needs to be taxed and registered, and a full driving licence is required

  • Helmets, for all, not a legal requirement, are still vital for safety

  • Registering your ATV for agricultural, horticultural or forestry work that can also go on roads, means tax is set at the particular concessionary class, so will be zero-rated

Note: On private land, those aged 13 and over are allowed to ride quads of an appropriate size and power suited to them. After, full and proper training has been provided.

The classification for an agricultural ATV is a four-wheel vehicle whose weight does not exceed 1000kgs — offering a single seat for solo riders, with its construction mainly designed for off-road use.

Putting in place the stringent and legal requirements set out above helps to protect both riders and the general public while not hindering those who use these vehicles most for work-related tasks.

Speak to Beckside Machinery for further information relating to legal road bikes and how we can help you with the latest ATV’s for sale.

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