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Beckside Machinery's Used Compact Tractors - Essential Picks This Week

Date: November 22, 2023

used compact tractor

Beckside Machinery, a prominent player in the compact tractor market, has an impressive lineup of used compact tractors with loaders for sale this week. Here’s a snapshot of the top 5 models that cater to various needs, from small-scale farming to landscaping.

L5040 KUBOTA Tractor Cab & Kubota Front Loader

  • Price: £17,995.00

  • Key Features: This model is known for its robust construction and reliability. Ideal for those needing a versatile tractor for general farm work or estate management.

  • Suitable For: Medium to large-scale farming, estate management, and heavy-duty landscaping​​.

  • Engine: 52HP Kubota diesel engine

  • Transmission: Shuttle transmission for smooth shifting

  • Hours: 3772 hours

  • Features: Large turf tires, heated and air-conditioned cab, quick-release Kubota front loader, auto pickup hitch, 1 double-acting and 1 single-acting remote hydraulic valve

  • Condition: Well maintained and serviced​​.

Iseki TF330 Used Compact Tractor

  • Price: £8,995.00

  • Key Features: Renowned for its efficiency and ease of use, perfect for small farms or large gardens.

  • Suitable For: Small-scale farming, large garden maintenance, and light-duty tasks​​.

  • Engine: 30HP

  • Hours: 1,403 hours

  • Features: Lewis 25QH Quick Release Front Loader & Quick Release Bucket, Hydrostatic Transmission, Power Steering, Foldable ROPS, 2 x D/A Spool Valves

John Deere 4520 Second Hand Compact Tractor & Front Loader

  • Price: £16,995.00

  • Key Features: Offers a blend of power and finesse, well-suited for a variety of tasks.

  • Suitable For: Diverse farming needs, large-scale landscaping, and construction projects​​.

  • Features: John Deere 400Cx Quick Release Front Loader & Quick Release Bucket, Power Reverser Model, Shuttle Transmission, Heated Cab

  • Hours: 2830 hours

  • Additional Features: 1 x D/A Spool Valves, Draw Bar

  • Condition: Excellent

Kioti CK35 Compact Tractor

  • Price: £10,995.00

  • Key Features: A great balance of performance and affordability. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

  • Suitable For: Hobby farming, landscaping, and small-scale construction​​.

  • Model: Kioti CK35 with Kioti Quick Release Front Loader

  • Transmission: HST transmission

  • Hours: 3109 hours

  • Features: Turf tyres, Draw bar, 1 x D/A spool valve, Foldable ROPS

  • Condition: Good

Kioti Tractor CK4010H With Front Loader

  • Price: £17,995.00

  • Key Features: High performance with advanced features. It's a great choice for those who require a bit more power and versatility.

  • Suitable For: Intensive agricultural work, large-scale landscaping, and complex construction tasks​​.

  • Transmission: HST Transmission

  • Loader: Kioti KL4010 Self Levelling Quick Release Front Loader

  • Hours: 147 hours

  • Features: Front Loader Euro Quick Release Bucket, Turf Tyres, 2 X D/A Spool Valves, Foldable ROPS, Draw Bar, Fully Serviced

  • Condition: Very Good


Whether you are a hobby farmer, a landscape artist, or in need of a reliable machine for your construction projects, Beckside Machinery’s range of used compact tractors with loaders is worth exploring. Each model offers unique features and capabilities, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. For those looking for second-hand tractors that promise quality and efficiency, these models are excellent choices.

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