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caterpillar band self-propelled Tractor Rotavator

The utility model correlates to a kind of caterpillar band self-propelled pair of tractor rotavator, it actuating system and transmission mechanism of including frame, being arranged on the creeper undercarriage of framework chassis and being separately located on frame top two ends. Characterised actuating unit is attached with described creeper undercarriage and detailed transmission mechanism respectively. Moreover, this caterpillar band self-propelled combination of tractor rotavator also includes two compact tractor rotavators being separately positioned on described support rear and front end; Related transmission mechanism includes driving front unit and rear gear unit; Detailed driving front unit is connected with the production of described actuating unit; Detailed rear gear unit is connected with driving front unit or actuating system output; This front driving unit and rear gear system are in transmission combination with front compact tractor rotavator and rear rotavator sequentially. By method scheme, the operating capability of the utility model caterpillar band self-propelled combination of rotavator is high, running cost is low, the caterpillar band self-propelled bispin of Proper application can plough the delivery performance of mechanism of ocean.

A kind of caterpillar band self-propelled pair of tractor rotavator for sale

The utility model links to farm machinery, and compact tractor attachments for sale, particularly relates to a kind of caterpillar group self-propelled pair of rotavator.

Background technology

Caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator has continued cultivation machinery that is developed, rake operation. Because it has features such as powerful, the cultivated rear surface section of hackability is smooth, be used widely.

The self-propelled caterpillar band tractor rotavator for sale of prior art generally includes frame, creeper undercarriage, engine, transmission case construction and rotavator. Characterised creeper undercarriage is provided on bottom frame, and detailed engine and transmission case construction are in transmission connection and are provided on frame top, and described rotovator is placed on frame one end and is in communication connection with described transmission case construction. Described transmission case machine is driven by the output shaft of the engine, thus causes the rotary ploughing cutter bar of rotavator to rotate, to realise the operation of rotary blade. But actual caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator also endures following defect:

(1) because the structure of existing caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator just has one end to be fitted with rotavator, then caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator is when sending out operation associated with the field of small size, corner, field or edge, be challenging to once just earth be crushed, rotavator must be used again to carry out grinding technique and do, could chop. So, just need regularly to move backward, reduce the wastefulness of caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator, add its running cost.

(2) due to the defect of the transmission case arrangement of existing caterpillar band self-propelled compact tractor rotavator for sale, particularly its by the power transmission of the power take-off of grain header or compact tractor to a place, also namely, existing caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator transference rotary ploughing cutter shaft, composes a rotary ploughing cutter shaft job. Therefore the motor delivery efficiency of previous caterpillar band self-propelled rotavator can not be efficiently utilised, and there is a waste.

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