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Compact Tractor Hedge Cutter

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

It is understood that the cutting blade drive is equipped with a manually operated clutch mechanism, in which case it is beneficial to provide a safety mechanism which prevents the initial starting of the compact tractor motor when the cutting blade drive is in the employed position; a safety device can also be implemented on the driver's seat of the tractor orchestrated in such a means that the drive of the cutting blades is automatically undone when the driver is not in his place thus by the performance of these two safety devices, the start-up of the cutting tool, which is very dangerous, is circumvented when certain safety conditions are not fulfilled.

According to a preferred materialisation, the compact tractor hedge cutter according to the device further comprises a single lateral adjustment mechanism for adjusting the offset of the two blades sideways concerning the forward movement of the compacy tractor; one could, of course, have given two lateral adjustment mechanisms, one for each blade, but it is more efficient to provide only one as far as reality shows that this is satisfactory in most cases.

The present compact tractor attachments will be certainly understood in the day of the non-limiting representation of an excellent embodiment illustrated by the added design on which is temporarily shown a tractor equipped with a hedge trimmer according to the design.

In the single frame, we see Branson tractors machines, one on which is attached laterally a compact tractor hedge cutter for sale uk; the tractor hedge cutter mostly includes a base provided with a joint on which is fixed pivotally about a longitudinal pivot a vertical column; the angle of the joint, that is to say the inclination of the vertical column, is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder; on the upright column is mounted a horizontal cutting blade and parallel support which bears at its end a vertical cutting blade; the location of the horizontal cutting blade is adaptable in height along the vertical column by means of a hydraulic cylinder and, furthermore, the vertical column of the horizontal support of the vertical cutting blade is flexible along the vertical post by way of the hydraulic cylinder; the cutting blade is further given at its base with a hinge which allows the cutting blade to be collapsed backwards to reduce the overall size of the assembly, in particular for its transport.

Of course, the Kioti tractors are equipped with a power take-off, or the like, which is in singular used for driving the cutter bars, this approach is deemed to be known, it is not here expressed; this drive is of course equipped with a manually managed clutch device, the control being within reach of the used compact tractor driver when he is seated in his place. Moreover than the installation of an oil tank advantageously placed on the left side of the Yanmah tractor (direction of travel) to counterbalance the tractor hedge trimmer orchestrated as can be seen on the right side. It may also be stated that, in a known manner, the position of the base is movable laterally to adjust the side offset relative to the movement of the Kubota tractor of the hedge trimmer, that is to say, the side offset of the two cutting blades with a single change device, a device for regulating the cutting angle, that is to say, the slant of the teeth, of each blade to adjust to the diversity of shrubs of the hedges to be cut.

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