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Cycle shortener on log splitter for sale

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The contemporary idea relates to a log splitter for sale and particularly to an adaptable cycle shortener for a conventional tractor log splitter, which includes an adjustable length limiting rod connected to the control valve lever and having holes pierced therethrough and a movable hitch pin is given that may be set at various holes in the rod for the length of log craved, thereby reducing travel of the retracting part of the cycle and saving time on smaller logs.

Firewood is usually burned as a heat source and in many places is burned for the ambience and optical beauty other sources of heat cannot produce. Most people who have the passion to burn wood do not have a quick source of logs or the tools or time to saw the logs into rounds and split the rounds into firewood. Therefore, firewood is commonly sawn and divided at one location and then marketed by the cord (usually delivered) or smaller amount to the end-user.

Motor-driven systems have long been employed to reduce the amount of energy required to split wood rounds into firewood. Traditional motorized wood splitters typically include a horizontal or vertical. I-beam having a hydraulic log splitter actuator securely attached on one end and a small stop feature mounted on the other end. The hydraulic actuator is joined to a wedge member, and extension and withdrawal of the hydraulic actuator extend the wedge segment towards and away from the stop member. Typically, a guide course is provided for the wedge member.

During log splitting works the operator must pause until after the return cycle of the petrol log splitter to start splitting the next log. Conserving time on each log being split would be very useful in an operation splitting large quantities of logs to be able to split more extra logs per hour. One way of saving time in processing each log is to reduce the return run of the log splitting machine. Prior art devices do not satisfactorily solve this problem for a range of existing log splitting designs.

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