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Discover the HVFL105 FARMMASTER Verge Flail Mower

If you're in the market for a highly efficient and robust flail mower for sale, the HVFL105 FARMMASTER verge flail mower could be the perfect solution for your land management needs. Designed specifically for compact tractors, this model is ideal for maintaining private estates, smallholdings, and expansive gardens. Priced at £1,695 regularly, it's currently on sale for £1,495.

verge flail mower

Key Features and Specifications

  • Model: HVFL-105

  • Dimensions (mm): 1265x1355x836; Packing Size (mm): 1200x880x700

  • Weight: 210 Kg

  • Cutting Width: 1050 mm

  • PTO Input Speed: 540 r/min

  • Number of Blades: 72

  • Power Required (Min/Max): 20-40HP

This farm master flail mower is particularly adept at handling challenging landscapes such as verges, ditches, and banks, as well as trimming the sides of low hedges. It's one of the flail mowers for compact tractors that combine reliability with high productivity to meet the demands of rigorous land management.

Advanced Safety and Durability

The HVFL105 is built with front steel safety flaps that permit material entry into the cutting chamber while preventing high-speed discharge. This compact tractor flail mower also boasts CE safety guards and dual piston adjustments for the flail movement, making it both safe and versatile for different mowing needs. It offers the flexibility to be adjusted to an inline or offset configuration, adding to its utility and performance on different terrains.

Designed for Performance

With a hydraulic sideshift and inclining adjustment, this tractor flail mower is designed for precision. It includes safety side skids to protect the machine and ensure its longevity. Every unit undergoes dynamic balance testing, ensuring blade stability and quiet operation, which is crucial for maintaining peace in serene environments.

Ready to Use

All units come fully assembled, with grease points greased and the gearbox oiled, ensuring they are ready to use upon delivery. The mower is also equipped to handle loose feed such as root crops without leakage, thanks to its closed chamber design.

After-Sales Support

Recognizing the importance of long-term usability, we stock spare parts for all of our compact tractor attachments UK, ensuring that you can maintain your mower in top condition without lengthy downtimes.


The HVFL105 FARMMASTER is more than just a tractor flail mower for sale; it's a durable, safe, and efficient tool designed for those who require the best flail mower performance. Whether you're dealing with flat land grass or bushy slopes, this mower is built to handle various landscapes with ease. Consider this model if you're looking for reliable attachments for compact tractors that deliver exceptional results.

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