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Benefits of a flail mower

A flail mower has "flails", bent T- or Y-shaped pieces of metal connected to a rotating drum at the slim end of the flail. When the drum turns, these flails rotate at a rate that allows them to rip through brush and scrub. Those flails are separated across and throughout the drum to provide a thoroughgoing cut. The drum itself is driven via the compact tractor PTO drive.

The Benefits of a Flail Mower

Flail mowers have many advantages over the common rotary mowers and are especially useful for specialized jobs.

  • Similar to sickle mowers, flail mowers don't surrender much in terms of debris. It means that flail mowers are helpful in areas where flying debris requires to be at a minimum.

  • Like sickle mowers, a flail mower can be angled to cut banks and trim bushes and shrubbery. This means that the flail mower is useful for maintenance departments and landscapers that require flexibility from an individual compact tractor attachment.

  • Because flails are usually fastened on a hinge rather than being stiff, they will easily deflect and bounce off of items such as rocks, etc. This means that they won't break or hurl the debris into the air, and they also will not crack or warp due to force, which means that you won't need to repair them or replace them too often

  • If an individual flail is broken, you only have to replace the one flail, as opposed to the whole series. Separate flail heads aren't expensive, so the flail is easily maintained.

  • The volume and sturdiness of the flails, paired with their speed of rotation, means that they are able to tackle the most challenging brush and scrub.

In summary, a flail mower for sale is an excellent investment for any smallholder who wants to maintain their land quickly and effectively.

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