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Enhancing Land Management: The Flail Mower Collector

For the diligent smallholder, one piece of machinery that stands out for its utility is the flail mower collector. This device, such as the FARMMASTER FCL-120, is designed to keep the land in prime condition. A compact tractor flail mower is particularly useful, as it is proportionate to the size and power requirements of compact tractors often found on smaller farms.

compact tractor pulling a flail mower collector on grass

Flail collectors are an essential piece of equipment for the diligent landowner and smallholder. These robust machines, like the Flail collector, are the unsung heroes of land management, offering a multifunctional approach to the upkeep of varied landscapes. The use of a flail mower collector is particularly advantageous on a smallholding, where the management of land is as much about efficiency and versatility as it is about the quality of work.

Such compact tractor attachments are invaluable for maintaining large lawn areas, parklands, vineyards, farms, wildflower meadows, and sports areas – essentially, any smallholding that demands regular, robust landscaping. The versatility of flail collectors means they can tackle various types of grass and other vegetation with ease, making them a superior choice over standard mowers.

Why Flail Collectors Are Useful

For a smallholding, which typically ranges from a modest-sized property to a small-scale commercial farm, the challenges include the effective maintenance of pasture, crops, and possibly livestock. The land requires regular cutting to promote healthy grass growth, prevent the takeover of unwanted weeds, and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the property.

The traditional method of cutting and then manually collecting the debris is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Here enters the flail collector, which combines the functions of cutting, mulching, and collecting in one pass. Unlike standard mowers, a flail mower collector such as the FARMMASTER FCL-120 uses "Y" blades attached to a rotating drum, known as a flail, to cut through grass, brambles, and even small saplings with ease.

The FARMMASTER FCL-120: A Model of Efficiency

The FARMMASTER FCL-120 Flail Mower Collector is particularly suited to the smallholding environment. With a cutting width of 1.15m and a collection capacity of 0.7m3, it is an ideal size for navigating through smaller fields and around various obstacles. The power requirement for this model is a manageable 20-55HP, making it compatible with a range of compact tractors.

One of the most significant features of this flail collector for sale is its versatility. It is a fantastic choice for keeping lawns, parklands, vineyards, and farms in great shape. The FARMMASTER FCL-120 is specifically designed to cut and collect various types of grass, making it perfect for the diverse landscapes of a smallholding.

Key Features of the FARMMASTER FCL-120

Adaptability: The adjustable cutting height, controlled by skids, allows for precise control over the finish of the cut, catering to different types of terrain and vegetation.

Durability: The collector flail mower is designed with a cast-iron gearbox and solid hitch, ensuring longevity and the ability to withstand the rigors of smallholding tasks.

Safety: Features like the protective front bulkheads and safety flaps are designed with the operator's safety in mind, preventing debris from being thrown towards the operator or bystander.

Convenience: The hydraulic flail catcher and discharge to the ground feature facilitate easy disposal of the collected material, enhancing the efficiency of the land management process.

Storage: A support leg for better storage allows the flail collector to be stored upright, minimizing the footprint in your barn or storage shed.

Real-world Applications on a Smallholding

On a smallholding, the presence of a collector flail mower translates to more than just keeping the fields tidy. It impacts the quality of the forage for livestock, reduces the risk of fire by removing dry and dead vegetation, and even helps in spreading the mulched material as a natural fertilizer.

The FARMMASTER FCL-120's ability to link to a Category I, 3-point hitch means that it can be easily coupled to small compact tractors, an important consideration for smallholders who require equipment that can integrate seamlessly with their existing machinery.

Moreover, the operation of this flail collector is not limited to the summer months. In autumn, it can be used to collect leaves and in the spring to remove the thatch from grass areas, aiding in the preparation for planting and the growth season.


For those managing a smallholding, the addition of a flail mower collector like the FARMMASTER FCL-120 is an investment in both the health of the land and the efficiency of its upkeep. It embodies the multi-functional, robust, and safe operation that smallholders require. Flail collectors provide an innovative solution, addressing multiple land management needs in one machine. For more information about these compact tractor attachments for sale, please do not hesitate to call on 01673 828 965. The benefits they bring make them an indispensable part of modern, sustainable land management.

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