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Festive Convoy: Compact Tractors Illuminate Tamar Bridge for Children's Christmas Charity

compact tractor at night decorated with festive lights

"The 'Tractor Run for Kids' Illuminates Tamar Bridge with Compact Tractors in a Festive Charity Event"

In a unique display of holiday spirit, a procession of compact tractors, festively lit and loaded with gifts, is set to illuminate the Tamar Bridge on December 1st. This special event, organized by Saltash's Katie Billing, aims to support the 'Cash for Kids Mission Christmas,' bringing joy to children during the festive season.

At least 51 compact tractors, a delightful sight for both young and old, will commence their journey from Tamar Fresh in Carkeel, near Saltash, at 6:45 pm. Each tractor, a symbol of the agricultural heart of the region, will be transformed into a beacon of Christmas spirit, making this event not just a charity run, but a magical experience.

Katie Billing, a mother of two and the brainchild behind this heartwarming event, has rallied the support of the local farming community, including her father-in-law Chris Billing and his friend Graham Moore. This duo, known for their passion for agriculture and community service, have previously organized similar events for St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth. This year, they're leading the convoy of compact tractors in this special festive mission.

The route, carefully planned to spread the maximum cheer, will see the compact tractors traveling through various parts of Saltash, including a drive over the iconic Tamar Bridge. The convoy will proceed through Burraton traffic lights, turn onto New Road, and parade up Fore Street. The journey will also include a tour around Saltash, ensuring that the twinkling lights and the spirit of Christmas reach every corner of the community.

Santa Claus himself will lead the parade, embodying the spirit of giving and joy. The drivers, comprising farmers and agricultural workers, are all volunteers, eager to bring smiles to children's faces. They will drive their compact tractors through the town, with the entire event culminating back at Tamar Fresh.

A major highlight of the event is the charitable aspect. With a focus on ensuring that every child in the community receives a Christmas gift, Katie Billing has emphasized the importance of early gift donations due to limited space on the compact tractors. The community is encouraged to participate, either by donating gifts at designated drop-off points or by cheering along the route.

This 'Tractor Run for Kids' is more than just a parade; it's a testament to the community's solidarity and commitment to making Christmas special for every child. It's a night where compact tractors become more than just farm vehicles; they become carriers of joy and symbols of community spirit.

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