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Fresh on the Lot: Pre-Owned Kubota STV40 Compact Tractor

This week at Beckside Machinery, we are excited to showcase a fresh addition to our inventory of used compact tractors for sale – the Kubota STV40 Compact Tractor. As a leading provider of used compact tractors for sale UK, we are constantly updating our selection to bring you the best in reliability and performance. The Kubota STV40 is a prime example of this commitment, offering a robust blend of power, versatility, and ease of use.

Kubota STV32 compact tractor

Discover the Kubota STV40 Features

The Kubota STV40 is a dependable used compact tractor tailored for farmers and landowners seeking a reliable machine for their operations. Key features that distinguish the STV40 include:

  • Powerful 40HP Engine: Whether you're tilling, mowing, or hauling, the 40HP engine provides the strength needed to handle tough tasks.

  • HST Transmission: Known for its ease of use, the hydrostatic transmission allows for smooth operation and simple manoeuvring.

  • Foldable ROPS: Safety is paramount, and the roll-over protection system (ROPS) is foldable, making it easier to store and transport.

  • Hydraulic Spool Valves: Equipped with one single-acting and two double-acting spool valves, this tractor is ready for a variety of attachments, increasing its utility around your property.

Comprehensive Service and Maintenance

At Beckside Machinery, every second hand compact tractor for sale goes through a rigorous inspection and maintenance routine. Our expert mechanics ensure that each used Kubota compact tractor for sale UK is in top condition, performing comprehensive engine and bodywork inspections, and all necessary maintenance to uphold our strict standards. This includes everything from oil changes to electrical system checks, ensuring that your used compact Kubota tractors for sale perform optimally in all working conditions.

Ready to Work

Priced at £10,995 plus VAT and delivery, the Kubota STV40 is an excellent investment for those seeking a dependable and efficient tractor. It’s perfect for a variety of tasks, from farming to landscaping, and is designed to offer comfort and ease of use, ensuring you can work longer with less fatigue.

Get in Touch

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exceptional Kubota compact tractor. For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965. Our team is here to provide detailed information and answer any questions you have about our lineup of used compact tractors for sale.

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