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Ground preparation POWER SWEEPER

The compact tractor attachment relates to a tillage device for communal areas, parks, sports areas, especially golf courses, and therefore the like. In training for a tractor attachment as a piggyback power sweeper with a roller that only engages the bottom or a trailer device to compact tractor vehicles, especially also Branson tractors, which features a collecting container for receiving goods located on the bottom like grass, leaves or the likes of.

A feed power sweeper for this good to the collecting container and a receiving device for the great from the bottom and its transfer to the feed tractor leaf sweeper, wherein rotating driven parts of the tractor road sweeper preferably to the drive motor of the compact tractors for sale are often connected by gears.

Soil cultivation devices of the sort in question are, for instance , those which devour freshly mowed material, but also leaves and therefore the like, when the road sweeper attachment for tractor moves in an attachment to a tractor over the bottom to be treated.

For the above use, towing vehicles - especially for the municipal area also as for golf links maintenance - are designed which carry, for instance , a sickle mower or the likes of which is driven by a vehicle engine via a PTO shaft connection and which is arranged on the front or as an intermediate axle device and therefore the mown material throws laterally into a hose line which is connected to the inlet of a suction fan, the outlet of which opens into a collecting container for the crop. This sort of construction regularly requires dimensions of the towing vehicle provided during this way in any case beyond its lateral dimensions, because the hose line is a minimum of guided past the rear axle wheels on the surface and therefore the suction device, in turn, usually on the next collecting container trailer or compact tractor attachments arranged laterally projecting beyond the towing vehicle dimensions.

Additionally, the lateral support devices, including a lifting rod, etc., during a lateral arrangement on the collecting container, also protrude beyond the lateral dimensions of the towing vehicle. Rather than such a suction fan, it's possible to use a roller-shaped recording tractor mounted sweeper collector, which engages the bottom against the direction of travel and, with a correspondingly fast drive, throws grass or the likes of off the bottom within the reverse direction of travel and transfers it into a correspondingly wide inlet of a collecting container. Difficulties arise with reference to the filling quantity.

The equipment market in question here are users like municipalities, sports clubs or the likes of, which form relatively small economic units and for whom the multiple use of towing vehicles especially is of particular importance for cost reasons. Such small tractors are optionally equipped with mowers, sweepers, snow blowers, snow plows, spreaders and therefore the like as required . From this list it already follows that not only different machining operations, but also seasonally different uses make the utilization of 1 and therefore the same towing vehicle desirable, if not necessary.

Ranging from such a flexible towing vehicle, the devices must be supported the dimensions and functional space required for such a vehicle; this practically excludes the difference of the vehicle to a tool within the direction of its sole use for economic reasons.

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