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How is a Flail Mower Better Than a Topper?

Maintaining grassland, parkland, sports fields, and agricultural land requires the right equipment to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Two common types of mowers used for these tasks are flail mowers and toppers. Each has distinct features and is suitable for different purposes. This article will explore the differences between flail mowers and toppers, helping you understand when to use each one.

Topper Mower


A topper mower is designed to cut the tops off long grasses, small saplings, and scrubland. It typically has two blades attached to a rotating carrier. As the carrier spins, the blades cut the top of the vegetation, making it more manageable.

Use Case

Topper mowers are ideal for areas that have become overgrown. They help cut the vegetation back to a manageable length before a finishing mower is used. This makes them particularly useful for initial cuts in maintenance routines.


Topper mowers work well on level pastures but may struggle on rough and uneven ground. They are best suited for flat and open areas where consistent height cutting is required.


Topper mowers leave relatively longer cuttings, which are thrown against the bottom of the machine. This makes the cuttings easier to collect afterward, which can be beneficial for those who need to manage the disposal of cut vegetation.


Topper mowers are generally cheaper than flail mowers, making them a cost-effective option for basic grass-cutting needs. The FarmMaster TM140 Topper Mower is an excellent example, offering durability and effectiveness at an affordable price.

  • Power Requirement: 20-30 HP

  • Working Width: 1350mm

  • Blades Qty: 2 or 3 pcs

  • Weight: 175kg

  • Features: Fully adjustable skids, stone guard, rotary style cutting action, heavy-duty, high-impact resistance, anti-corrosion, and anti-UV finish.

compact tractor in a field pulling a topper

Flail Mower


A flail mower is built for heavy-duty applications and excels in cutting through dense and tough vegetation. It uses rows of flails (small, sharp blades) attached to a rotating drum, making it highly effective for more demanding mowing tasks.


Flail mowers can handle everything a topper can, but they are also effective on short grass, such as lawns. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of mowing applications, from light maintenance to heavy-duty clearing.


Flail mowers produce shorter cuttings that are mulched down into smaller sections and spread further afield. This mulching effect helps return nutrients to the soil and leaves the area looking tidy without the need for collecting the cuttings.


Flail mowers are suitable for rough, uneven areas and can handle light grass, small saplings, and gorse. They are more robust and can manage a variety of terrains, making them ideal for more challenging mowing conditions.


Flail mowers are more maneuverable, especially in tight spaces. Their design allows for better handling around obstacles and in confined areas, which can be advantageous for more intricate mowing tasks.

Preferred Choice

Due to their versatility and robustness, flail mowers are becoming the preferred choice for many land maintenance tasks. The FarmMaster HFL150 Heavy Duty Flail Mower is a prime example of a flail mower that offers both power and precision.

  • Power Requirement: 30-55 HP

  • Cutting Width: 1500mm

  • Number of Hammers: 28 pcs

  • Weight: 280kg

  • Features: Dynamic balance testing, double Y shape hammers, bearing-supported roller ends, front steel safety flaps, adjustable rear roller, universal PTO shaft, and robust two-belt drive transmission.

compact tractor in a field pulling a flail mower


Choosing between a flail mower and a topper depends on your specific land maintenance needs. For maintaining large areas of grassland at a uniform height, the FarmMaster TM140 Topper Mower is an excellent, cost-effective choice. It is perfect for cutting back overgrown areas to a manageable length. On the other hand, for more demanding tasks involving thicker vegetation and rough terrain, the FarmMaster HFL150 Heavy Duty Flail Mower stands out as a versatile and robust tool.

Both models, along with spare parts and other compact tractor attachments, can be purchased from Beckside Machinery. Whether you need a simple, cost-effective topper or a powerful, versatile flail mower, Beckside Machinery offers a comprehensive range to meet your specific needs.

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