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How much does a used tractor cost?

Make your inquiry when searching for a tractor for sale and find the best compact tractor for you!

How much does a used tractor cost? Well, there are several factors consider. Purchasing a tractor is usually a meaningful investment, so it pays to do your investigation first before you plunge into buying. This blog gives you a great idea of how much tractor costs. Along with looking at the price of the compact tractor itself, we'll study all the other costs involved in running a tractor. It's relevant to factor these into your considerations.

The Price of Buying a Tractor

How much a tractor costs depends on several factors. You might be interested in a secondhand tractor for sale, in which case list prices of new compact tractors for sale will not be relevant. You might want different options on your tractor – from tractor loader and compact tractor backhoe, both of which are tractor attachments, to 4 wheel drive, added comfort and the most advanced technology. Also, think about the work you will be doing with the tractor, which determines the size engine required to get the job done. As well as the tractor's cost, you will want to factor in the operational expenses for driving your compact tractor day-to-day.

New tractors for sale can cost anything from £8,000 to more than £50,000 or more, depending on the brand and model. This is a tremendous price range because there are so many variables – so we've split it down for you a bit more here.

How Much a New Tractor Costs

Usually, you can approximate how much a tractor costs when you look at the engine power. For example, a 22HP Kioti Tractor starts at around £10,495 plus VAT, whereas a 60HP model sells for approximately £24,000 plus VAT. An excellent deal on a new compact tractor for sale comes from Branson Tractors, with their 19HP compact tractor retailing for only £7995 plus VAT and a much larger 74HP selling for £31563 plus VAT.

What other costs are involved?

List prices are normally the base price for a particular model of a compact tractor. Extras can usually be fitted, including items such as a heated cab, mid-deck mower, and so on. If you want these extras, you'll have to budget for them, so check what's included in the standard tractor for sale before negotiating.

Compact tractor attachments make up a significant part of the additional costs, and it's worth having an idea about what you want to do with the compact tractor, tractor dealer if they have compact tractor attachments for sale will often be able to offer very competitive compact tractor packages, which include the tractor and one or more tractor attachments at a significant saving over buying the items individually.

Secondhand Tractors for sale

Buying used compact tractors is frequently popular because many new tractors for sale aren't affordable for some people. The popularity of secondhand tractors has seen a rise in price over the past few years, as many are easier to fix than the new tractors, which are software-driven and can require a call-out.

How much does a secondhand tractor cost?

Again, it depends upon the brand and what else you have with it. At Beckside Machinery, we offer both new and used compact tractors for sale. Popular used tractors are Kubota tractors, as it's usually easy to get parts for them, and Kubota's are pretty pricey new. Currently, we have a 23HP Kubota tractor for sale at £8495 plus VAT and a 43HP John Deer tractor in excellent condition, including a heated cab for £14,995 plus VAT.

As you can see, there are considerable differences in price between a new compact tractor and a secondhand tractor for sale. In reality, it comes down to what you want to use it for and your budget. If you are keen to purchase a compact tractor, why not take a look at our stock and then call us on 01673 828965 to discuss what you want te tractor for and we'll be happy to advise you and give you some options that best suit your requirements, and budget.

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