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Introducing FarmMaster Pro's FL Flail Mowers: The Ideal Choice for Compact Tractors

FarmMaster Pro FL Flail Mower

FarmMaster Pro offers a range of high-quality flail mowers designed specifically for compact tractors. These flail mowers for tractors are perfect for semi-professional use, offering flexibility and lightweight design that works well with low horsepower tractors. In this article, we will explore the features and specifications of FarmMaster Pro's flail mowers, discuss their benefits, and provide guidance on maintenance and purchase options.

Overview of FarmMaster Pro's Flail Mower Range

FarmMaster Pro's flail mower range includes three distinct models in the FL series:

FARMMASTER-PRO FL110 Flail Mower For Sale

  • HP: 12-20

  • Cutting Width: 106cm

  • Overall Width: 120cm

  • Cutting Height: 3-10

  • Y Blades: 32

  • Weight: 146kgs

FARMMASTER-PRO FL135 Flail Mower For Sale

  • HP: 12-30

  • Cutting Width: 132cm

  • Overall Width: 155cm

  • Cutting Height: 3-10

  • Y Blades: 40

  • Weight: 170kgs

  1. FARMMASTER-PRO FL160 Flail Mower For Sale

    • HP: 20-30

    • Cutting Width: 158cm

    • Overall Width: 180cm

    • Cutting Height: 3-10

    • Y Blades: 48

    • Weight: 195kgs

Standard Features of FarmMaster Pro's Flail Mowers

All FarmMaster Pro flail mowers for sale come with the following standard features:

  • CAT. 1, 3 point hitch

  • 540 RPM aluminum gearbox

  • Freewheel

  • Transmission with two belts and adjustable tensioner

  • Rotor with "Y" blades

  • Adjustable rear roller (3 positions)

These compact tractor flail mowers are designed to efficiently cut grass, weeds, and small bushes, making them an excellent choice for maintaining your property.

Blades and Mowing Options

FarmMaster Pro's flail mowers come equipped with "Y" blades, which offer a versatile cutting solution for various terrains and vegetation types. The adjustable rear roller allows for three different mowing heights, ranging from 3-10cm, providing flexibility in managing your land.

Durability and Maintenance

Made with high-quality Italian components, FarmMaster Pro's flail mowers are designed for long-lasting performance. These mowers come with a 2-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your investment. Maintenance is straightforward, thanks to the adjustable tensioner and easily accessible components. Regular checks and preventative maintenance measures, such as inspecting belts and blades, will help keep your flail mower in top condition.

Availability, Purchase, and Installation

FarmMaster Pro's flail mowers for sale are available through authorized dealers and online platforms like When purchasing a flail mower, be sure to choose a model compatible with your tractor's horsepower and size. Installation is typically simple, requiring only basic tools and following the provided instructions.

In summary, FarmMaster Pro's range of flail mowers offers an exceptional solution for compact tractor owners seeking a reliable and efficient mowing experience. With their lightweight design, compatibility with low horsepower tractors, and high-quality Italian components, these flail mowers are ideally suited for semi-professional use. The adjustable features and versatile "Y" blades ensure optimal performance in cutting grass, weeds, and small bushes. For further information on the FarmMaster Pro flail mowers for sale or assistance in selecting the perfect model for your needs, do not hesitate to call Beckside Machinery at 01673828965 and speak with their knowledgeable team.

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