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John Deere Tractor Backhoe Price

If you own a John Deere, or any other sort of compact tractor for that matter, and are after a decent tractor digger, then we have a selection of compact tractor attachments that will suit your purpose and budget. In terms of a compact tractor backhoe loader for sale, we sell the Landlugger subcompact tractor backhoe attachment, which comes in three sizes to suit the power of your small tractor. These are:

BH10 Compact Tractor Backhoe

Developed to be an extremely light and functional tractor loader backhoe, this tractor implement is perfect for micro-tractors from 15-35HP and can be used with any tractor that has a PTO. This model sports an independent hydraulic oil tank. Like all of the Landlugger range, they aren't cheap compact tractor implements, unlike some Asian backhoes that have flooded the UK market in recent years. Instead, the Landlugger machines feature high-quality components and design. This compatible John Deere tractor backhoe price is £3495 plus VAT.

BH15 Tractor Backhoe

The BH15 backhoe is more potent than the BH10 and is therefore suitable for small tractors from 15-60HP fitted with their own PTO. These compact tractor attachments for sale can be used with any compact tractor. In addition to any John Deere ride-on tractor, they are also a perfect Kubota mini tractor backhoe and a great backhoe attachment for a New Holland tractor, etc. They are priced at £4500 plus VAT

BH30 Tractor Backhoe For Sale

The BH30 is the largest model in the Landlugger range of tractor digger and fits any compact tractor with a PTO from 25-50HP. Like all of the Landlugger ranger, this trench digger tractor attachment is quality Italian machinery, which can also be purchased with several purpose-built buckets similar in shape to those featured on £35,000 excavators.

So, if you want the best backhoe tractor for your needs, checkout LandLugger. Adding a backhoe to any tractor will quickly create a tractor digger machine that is fully capable of fulfilling your requirements. For more information, please view our Landlugger range, and call on 01673 828 965 if you need any help or assistance in deciding on what product is best for your needs.

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